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  • Clouds of Apocalypse
    54 1 7

    "'ll wake the Clouds...." In a world when the apocalypse has begun and humanity is endangered. Odd and unlikely heroes must rise up to face this great threat... However, the apocalypse wasn't started by an outbreak of zombies or the discovery of super-powered vampires. It was, strangely enough, caused by cl...

  • The Fall of Man
    122K 2.4K 58

    So much for an easy way to go. After thirty nine long years, each squandered day chained inexorably and uneventfully to the next, this is how it ends. How appropriate. Blinking back tears, Joanna shakes out another handful of pills into the palm of her hand... Environmental catastrophe, dismissed by many as myth or pr...

  • Sea Spell
    17.8K 767 22

    [Major Editing Coming Soon] A rising tension. A waning moon. Shady, skeptical beings. An underwater dynasty, crumbling at the fists of rebelling forces. Nestling just off the rocky, tourist-swamped coasts of Guadeloupe lies an aquatic, mythological world, know to the ill-fated that reside there as Miraja. For seven y...