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  • Star Trek: Uncharted
    12.6K 1K 38

    The USS Enterprise is the first Starfleet vessel to successfully navigate the Necro Cloud Nebula and travel farther into uncharted space than any other Federation ship has ever gone before. Which is why a cryptic distress signal from an unknown planet asking for Federation assistance puts the Enterprise on full alert...

  • Star Trek Voyager: VX
    1.9K 18 31

    Meet Lt. Zariel Sindile, temporarily assigned to Voyager for its rescue mission in the Badlands. Now she's stuck in the Delta Quadrant, her children are at home without her, she has no one to depend on, and her darkest secret is about to be laid bare. Will she come home with new friends and new abilities and a new l...

  • 51: A Spock Fanfiction
    2.6K 103 7

    While making repairs to the hull of the enterprise with the help of a shuttle craft, Spock is sucked into a wormhole and deposited on Earth in the year 2015. The shuttle crashes in rural Canada, and he is immediately taken prisoner by the Canadian government and sold to the Americans. Badly injured, Spock is taken to...

  • Estranged [Khan Fanfiction]
    749 43 5

    Jianna seems to have forgotten everything about Khan after waking up on Earth. What's worse is that Khan isn't there to help her remember. [Post-Star Trek: Into Darkness] ***SEQUEL TO "What Not To Do with a Psychopath"

  • Redshift (Kirk/Spock AOS)
    3.1K 174 7

    Dual tragedies bring the Enterprise's command team closer together, but the gap between them grows when Spock discovers something in Jim's mind. This story reboots two TOS episodes: City on the Edge of Forever and Operation: Annihilate!. If you haven't seen them, you might want to before you read this. This story pres...

    Completed   Mature
  • Entering Orbit (Kirk/Spock AOS)
    18.9K 818 9

    Jim escapes to Iowa to avoid the media frenzy following the Narada incident, but a late-night miscommunication results in Spock turning up on his front porch. Written for the Kirk Spock Big Bang 2013. This version includes "Forty-Five Hours in Riverside," the mini-sequel.

    Completed   Mature
  • Reversal {Star Trek Enterprise Mirror Universe fan fiction}
    1.7K 133 35

    Meet Lili O'Day, sous-chef on the NX-01 Enterprise. Lonely, isolated, and bored, she has little to look forward to, save learning from Chef what's for dinner, until October 28th of 2157, when she begins having interesting dreams. The story continues into November 15th of that year as Lili's life changes for good. Star...

  • Freak School
    364 19 2

    This is, like, my diary. So don't hold it against a half-Klingon girl, okay? Star Trek fanfiction, starring a half-human teenaged girl named Rayna Montgomery.

  • The Light {Star Trek Enterprise fan fiction}
    259 14 1

    On the NX-01 Enterprise, on November 30 and December 1, 2156, a holiday is celebrated and a life is remembered. Star Trek Enterprise fan fiction - starring Captain Archer, T'Pol, Phlox, Malcolm Reed, and Hoshi Sato, as they celebrate Chanukah with Jewish crew members. #Christmas2015

  • Before Days {Star Trek Enterprise Prime/Mirror Universe fan fiction}
    707 38 27

    Before Days is the prequel portion of a saga of Star Trek: Enterprise fan fiction works, introducing canon and original characters, as the people on the cover become who they will be. Counterparts and colleagues are also explored. Follow canon characters Malcolm Reed, Jonathan Archer, Hoshi Sato, T'Pol, Charles (Tri...

  • The New Captain's Woman {Star Trek TOS Mirror Universe fan fiction}
    353 8 2

    Power is transferred in the Mirror Universe, by way of lust and a skillfully used dagger. Star Trek The Original Series (TOS) fan fiction, starring Captain Kirk, Marlena Moreau, Janice Rand, and an original character.

  • Biases {Star Trek Enterprise fan fiction}
    331 8 1

    Are Vulcans prejudiced? No Irish Need Apply still happens in the future.

  • The Reality of Illusion-Star Trek Original Series Adventure
    3.6K 218 18

    Kirk's present mission is to investigate the disappearance of a Vulcan Science team. However, the mission takes a backseat as Kirk begins to fear an evil presence is stalking him. As Kirk's mental stability becomes worse he finally goes to see Dr. McCoy. However, before the results are back from Kirk's exam the Enterp...

  • Star Trek Voyager: Relative To Time
    787 14 2

    This is the start of my epic tale of time travel, along with the femmslashy goodness which is Janeway and Seven.

  • You Can't Be Too Careful [Star Trek/Leonard "Bones" McCoy Love Story]
    143K 4.8K 40

    Catherine Elizabeth Taylor has never had so many worries on her mind. First of all, there's her father, who is growing sicker by the day. Then, there's Astrid, her unruly, spunky best friend who always seems to attract accidents and unpleasant situations. And of course, there's the tiny matter that she's finally movin...

  • Star Trek Voyager: The Gift
    10.3K 251 49

    An eighteen year old Chakotay's dreams of attending Starfleet Academy are thrown into disarray when a Borg Cube crashes near his home... Alternate universe story. C/7. Drama/Romance

  • Star Trek Voyager: The Loving Game
    26.1K 274 88

    What would've been the repercussions if Seven and Chakotay's holographic personas in "The Killing Game" knew each other? A complete rewrite of the show from "The Killing Game" onwards. If you've ever wished C/7 could've got together earlier then you'll like this story!

  • Star Trek Voyager: Listen To Your Heart
    2.7K 59 18

    When an accident has life altering consequences for Seven, will she become even more isolated from the crew or allow Chakotay and her friends to help her adapt? C/7 Hurt/Comfort/Drama

  • Star Trek Voyager: Fireworks
    204 5 1

    Seven and Chakotay have a misunderstanding while on holiday together in London... Post Endgame C/7 one-shot.

  • Star Trek Voyager: The River of Time
    4.3K 122 13

    When a strange young boy is dumped from a temporal anomaly onto Voyager, what will the crew do to help him when he won't even tell them who he is?

  • Star Trek Voyager: Bonds of Love, Ties of Family
    1.3K 33 8

    Even after Voyager's triumphant return to Earth, there are obstancles to Seven and Chakotay's relationship, not the least of which being Chakotay's wary family... C/7. Family/Drama/Romance

  • Star Trek Voyager: The Hansen Identity
    5.3K 91 19

    Can Chakotay and Seven's relationship survive her parents being rescued from the Borg by Voyager? Will she be able to forgive them for her assimilation or they her for losing so much of her humanity? C/7 established. Angst/Hurt/Comfort

  • Star Trek Voyager: Eternity
    3.8K 88 10

    An unknown anomaly throws Chakotay five years into the future to 2382! What will he discover? Drama/Romance. This future is different from the one in "Endgame" but if you don't like Chakotay/Seven don't read this!

  • Star Trek Voyager: Disunity
    1.8K 28 9

    Just as Seven and Chakotay are getting closer, Riley, his ex-Borg ex-girlfriend, reappears! Does she really need Voyager's help or, as Seven suspects, does she want Chakotay for herself? C/7 and Icheb/OC

  • Star Trek Voyager: Lost and Found
    5.4K 117 19

    When Seven is kidnapped from Earth by unknown alien mercenaries, what will Chakotay do to save her and how will Seven cope with being held captive? If you don't like C/7 don't read this!