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  • The experiment shingeki no kyojin (MikasaXLevi)
    8.1K 238 10

    What will happen when a little experiment enters humanities strongest pair?

  • Filthy scarf
    778 26 1

    Levi, Mikasa, and a dispute over a certain article of clothing.

  • Attack on Titan.LevixMikasa (fanfic)
    9.2K 209 4

    WARNING:This is a little story about Levi and Mikasa falling in love so on and so forth this will involve sexual content YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.I apologize for any mispelling.Also this is my first fanfic so please bare with me c:!(I do not own any of these pictures!)

  • A Pair of Dandelions
    314 19 1

    [FANFICTION] Dandy’s are weeds, but they’re flowers too… A Levi/Mikasa drabble.

  • Mine
    2.4K 65 1

    I'm going to call this a short one-shot. Another typical LeviXMikasa fanfic. May be slightly mature for younger audiences. Please be respectful in the comments. //Yes I know, I published this months after Valentine's Day//

  • The Lost Scarf: A LevixMikasa One-Shot
    773 28 1

    Just a little LevixMikasa One-Shot I decided to do..... I was very bored. Meh....

  • Strange - {Shingeki no Kyojin Fanfic}
    4.7K 142 2

    Modern AU - Levi/Mikasa - Thug!Levi Mikasa is just a normal girl; went to school, babysits for money, lives in her own home. Yet, she gets a call from a strange man who asks to watch his little brother. The man, is a short thug named Levi, yet he's rarely home. He hates her, to her joy, as she hates him as well. Mikas...

  • Titan proof
    1.6K 60 24

    This is a Levi x Mikasa story but it's a slow romance to how it might happen in the show or manga When eren starts thinking that Mikasa looks down upon him because of her strength, he tries to kill her. Levi and Mikasa hate each other but soon grow respect for each others strength, what could come out of this respec...

  • The match made for humanity( levixmikasa)
    1.9K 30 8

    Hey you guys I am a huge levixmikasa fan and I hope you'll enjoy this fanfic where the royal family wishes to create a new breed for a perfect humanity with "exceptional" breeds through the new "Adam and Eve law " for which you must possess one or more of the following qualities:strength,wisdom,speed,battle smarts a...

  • Forever and Always
    397 8 1

    Hey! So this fanfiction is going to be a Rivamika story. It's my first story on Wattpad, so don't judge if it isn't that good xD. I also get that Levi x Mikasa isn't the most popular ship, but I ship it, and if you do... *brofist* Yes, I watch Pewds heh. Hope you enjoy :P

  • AOT Promise To Love
    9.3K 358 45

    Sequel to the fanfic Her Precious Love!! (Sorry for the confusion if you looked up Her Guardian Love. It wasn't until now that I forgot to change the name here... So yea...)

    3.2K 65 4

    This story is for us Rivamika fans and also maybe for those who aren't since there is no large age differences but if you are a huge Rivamika hater please do no comment about Rivamika as i am a true Rivamika believer! The 104th squad goes through life as Mikasa and Levi get close! What'll happen when the cleaning frea...

  • Tough Love (Rivamika)
    17.2K 551 10

    Levi and Mikasa are having a tough time with each other. Mikasa swore her revenge for beating up Eren. Her dear brother. But what happens when she fell in love with him? Will she ever confess? Or will she forever pretend to hate him? What will Levi think? Does he like her too?! Also Levi's sister comes to help with t...