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  • A Pureblood slave
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    Cold and numb, that's the only thing I've felt for the past 3 months. There's around 10 other humans here excluding myself and new ones come everyday. No one knows exactly where we are, all we know is that our worst nightmares are about to come true. ** I was once a carefree and extroverted girl that would just go wit...

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  • Bound by love till eternity (Completed)
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    Special mention in #Wattpad love awards Most impressive rankings #1 in Together-11/06/2022 #2 in Emotional-13/11/2021 #3 in Emotional-15/11/2021 #3 in Office-05/01/2022 Scene#1 "But I like you...I'll always be by your side..just give me a chance" he said. Shocked by his words she replied, " I can't even think of you i...

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  • Hunter: Crossroads
    11.5K 1.3K 37

    Vampires have Slayers. Werewolves have Trackers. Everything else has a Hunter. And then there is Elise Bunting. ___________________ Elise Bunting is used to living in a world full of danger. She's fought in battles legends are born from, met creatures from the darkest corners of our world's mythology and kept...

  • The Rajputs..Story Of Love And Revenge •||Coming Soon||•
    30.8K 1.5K 6

    Rajveer Rathore, Virendra chauhan, Uday Rawat.....The heirs and the prides of their respective clans. None of them can tolerate the other one's presence and starts to blow the fire with thier eyes. It is the story of the three men and women from three fire-born Rajput legandary clans... The Rathores, The chouhans, and...

  • Luminous
    945K 46K 97

    Born with glowing green eyes. Destined for rotten luck. Peasant girl Meya Hild is offered the chance of a lifetime to become a Lady---at swordpoint. By mercenaries. Engaged to a dying nobleman. Poisoned with one month to live. Tasked to loot a castle. In a kingdom running out of resources. Little did Meya know that t...