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  • Don't Let Go (A Student/Teacher Relationship)
    6.4M 83.9K 47

    Riley had always been the responsible one; she looks after her younger siblings, she doesn't drink, she does everything by the book. But this summer she changed, her parents are around even less now and she's sick of being the goody-goody nerd. So she changes everything; her look, her style, even her attitude. But she...

  • I Married The Prince Of Darkness (Winner Watty Awards 2012)
    3.6M 54.3K 27

    My life changed completely once i turned twenty one. My friends and i went out to celebrate my special day but i didn't realise it would be the last time i would see them. I was kidnaped and treated like a slave by a very mean and abusive Vampire that's right a vampire i didn't they existed i thought stories of vampir...

  • Zemblanity (Book One of the Juliette Series)
    299K 3K 27

    Previously known as Juliette (Book One). Juliette Greene led a life, which if viewed through a cheerleader's eyes would be pathetic. She was the dull, plain loner who was avoided by both the sex. The typical high school life which most students dream of was a far cry from what Juliette endured every single day. Nobody...

  • The Forbidden Life
    300K 6.5K 20

    Vivienna lives in a world where children between fifteen and eighteen are chosen to join a glamorous society known as the Orlins. As Orlins they become consorts of the royalty, nobleman and the filthy rich. As Vivienna catches the eye of a mysterious prince, she begins to suspect that the elite members of society aren...

  • Sink Into Me
    14.1M 205K 57

    "What if it were possible for me to live forever? Would you still love me then?" He asked me. I stared into his light green eyes and said, "I'd love you until the end." His eyes penetrated into mine before he leaned forward and whispered the words, "What if the end was now?" My breath cau...

  • I'm Pregnant! with my teacher/vampire baby
    577K 9.1K 24

    *I AM TERRIBLE AT WRITING THESE... BUT HERE WE GO* -Besides being verbally and physically abuse by her family, Ebony Larson is just your Normal teenager.. she does what she is told she never gets into trouble everybody loves her..But all that changed when her best friends talked her into going to a club.And there she...

  • Inject Me Sweetly / Dusk Until Dawn
    15.3M 198K 76

    There are TWO separate stories under this story group! Inject Me Sweetly: Inject Me Sweetly: Vampires. Mythical creatures. Horrifying creatures. Creatures of the night. The creatures that make up Emily Brown's worst fear. Ever since she was little, the thought of vampires had sent her heart racing. So what happens whe...

  • Living With Damon and Stefan
    8.9M 57.2K 100

    Marni is 14. She lives with Damon and Stefan Salvatore in the Salvatore bording house. She also has powers; she can control the elements. She is about to start school at Mystic Falls High. Will things go as normaly as she thinks it will?

  • Rejected By My Soul Mate
    1.3M 11.4K 52

    My Very First Book So Forgive me for any mistakes and messed up chapters ;p also the spelling mistakes, I'm editing this book slowly. Trailer: Love was never for me and when i found out i had a mate, and i was a werewolf things just switched from normal to n...

  • Living With The Originals
    733K 12.4K 19

    Sequel to Living With Damon and Stefan. Marni's back, and ready to kick butt! After discovering that she's related to the Originals, Marni is overwhelmed. But when her alter ego spirit comes to life, things get very confusing. After finally admitting her love for Damon, Marni was happy. But will these recent events ch...

  • Unwilling
    8.2K 190 2

    Emelia Safirus is in her sixth year at Hogwarts. Her parent's were Death Eaters, until they were sent to Azkaban. She now lives with her bestfriend Draco Malfoy, who she has known since she was a baby. Emelia has been set a task, one that will change her life forever. She doesn't want to do it, but if she doesn't, she...

  • Forever Dead
    4M 61K 28

    Nocte Defunctorum...also known as Night of the Dead. One night of every twenty years vampires can come into the human world and take Potential Mates. Audrina Knight has every intention of staying human, and not getting invovled with vampires...unlike her best friend and classmates. She wears a simple mask, invisible t...

    Completed   Mature