Richie_TheNewShakira's Reading List

  • Stupid Little Blue Haired Boy (boyxboy)
    • sempiiternal
    • 40 parts
    972K 34.1K

    Damian Owens refuses to take his medication. He consistently ditches therapy sessions, and won't speak a word to the living. Timothy Edward Richard McKinnon...

  • Raised by Ronnie.
    • SexyPleaseTextMe
    • 24 parts
    7.2K 186

    There are two types of people in this world. Those who are ready and want a committed relationship, and love the idea of marriage and a family, and believe in...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ice Cold Eyes
    • Immlaaarr
    • 28 parts
    660K 12.7K

    Phil is pretty sure that his life is how he wants it to be. He's gay for sure, but only his sister knows, and he doesn't mind keeping it that way. Until Paul c...

  • Jalex - My Toxic Valentine
    • HeatherGaskarthx
    • 17 parts
    • Updated a year ago
    89.9K 1.1K

    Alex Gaskarth is constantly picked on at school for being himself. He hates his life and just wonders why he bothers. That was until Jack Barakat came to town...

  • A Handful Of Moments I Wish I Could Change(Jalex BoyxBoy)
    • BreakingTheCliche
    • 26 parts
    • Updated 3 years ago
    52.3K 786

    Alex Gaskarth: New kid. Quite. Gay. No friends. No loving family. He is seriously "messed up." Jack Barakat: Popular. Rich. "Bad boy." Confused about his sexua...

  • Lickin' Me {BxB Short Story & Dude,It's Restricted!}
    • OMGguyLOL
    • 6 parts
    94.1K 1.1K

    Need to say more? -wink wink-

    Completed   Mature
  • The Drug In Me Is You [BoyxBoy]
    • RoyalZBloodsss
    • 19 parts
    117K 1.7K

  • Through Misplaced Words, And A Sinking Feeling
    • XxToxic_ValentinexX
    • 28 parts
    110K 2K

    Alex think's he finally has it made for him. After Jack found Alex dying against the school back in the 12th grade, literally saving his life and helping him c...

  • He'll Kill Me If I Don't Marry Him? Yupp, Sounds Like Love To Me (Major Editing)
    • XxTrampolineLoverxX
    • 11 parts
    • Updated 4 years ago
    8.7K 138

    Tiana Chambers is the worlds most famous rockstar. She has the perfect boyfriend, life, and is very very rich. Until one fan kidnaps her and threatens to murde...