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  • Cato and Clove. The Unknown Story.
    32K 329 17

    The Hunger Games from Cato's point of view. Learn the real story about Cato and Clove's romance in and out of the arena.

    412K 10K 33

    THE TRUTH IS, WE WERE ONLY EVER BORN TO DIE. clove x cato { previously known as 'the girl who played with knives' } featured in @fanfic's official hunger games reading list copyright veenyxx

  • The Ultimate Games - Book One
    1.9M 30K 101

    It has been a century since the rebellion, and the Capitol still wants revenge... As it is the Fourth Quarter Quell, there will be four games held this year. One will be held with twenty-four children reaped from Districts One to Four. The second will have twenty-four children reaped from Districts Five to Eight. The...

  • Love is not a game (Hunger Games Fan Fiction)
    77.9K 1.4K 29

    What if you were chosen as one of 24 tributes chosen to fight to the death? What if your newfound friend came with you? What if there could only be ONE survivor? Cato's life took a change for the worst when he was reaped for the 74th Annual Hunger Games. A Game where the motto is 'Kill or be killed'. In this Game of b...

  • Warriors: Crushed *Watty Awards!*
    3.9K 119 7

    All of Shadowstripe's life, he has wanted to be leader. He is deputy, and so close to becoming leader, Featherstar is on her last life and very sick. But then, a cat named Alderleaf is murdered inside of camp, and Shadowstripe is framed. Everything in his life is crushed. His hopes, his dreams, his only wish. Th...

  • Forever Loyal
    1.6K 31 9

    [RIGHT NOW DEAD BUT I WILL REVIVE IF SOMEONE WANTS MORE, THERE ARE AT LEAST 7 MORE CHAPTERS READY FOR UPLOAD]Adderkit lives in DuskClan, a lone clan in the middle of a forest. DuskClan is going through troubling times, and as treachery grows within, Adderkit discovers his true loyalties--and his true destiny. This is...

  • Up Until Now: A Warrior Cat FanFic
    20.8K 934 28

    Thistlepaw, Sunpaw, Eaglepaw, and Thornpaw are apprentices of ThunderClan. They're close as they can be, considering how they're littermates, even though they're on separate paths. Thistlepaw and Sunpaw both only want to be the best they can be, to be great warriors, and to have mates one day. Eaglepaw has sat his...

  • Warriors: Bird of Peace
    3.7K 95 9

    Bird led an ordinary life until Scourge, murderous leader of BloodClan, killed her family. Forced to flee her home, Bird travels far to a Twolegplace where she meets friendly kitten Raven, who invites her live with him and his housefolk. They soon go on an adventure together with their five kits and create BirdClan, t...

  • Warrior cats: Calm before the storm (fan fic)
    25.6K 528 19

    Lavenderpaw and her siblings, the kits of two great warriors, become apprentices when they are four moons old. Thunderclan and Shadowclan have come together threatining Riverclan and Windclan to make more warriors. Lavenderpaw being the oldest decides to do everything she can to save her younger siblings from the dang...