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  • Russian supercarrier goes to azur lane
    153K 1.8K 58

    in the year of 2030, the Russian navy successfully build an supercarrier they name it Shtorm or project 23000E. they send this ship naval training in black sea, but something went wrong (Remember I don't own azur lane and shtorm pictures)

  • A frigate in another world
    33.3K 585 22

    A guided missile frigate after 67 years of active service, is going to be dismantled, however a storm engulfs it and ends in the world of Azur lane, it follows the adventures of this peaceful frigate in a warlike world. Disclaimer: The images I use do not belong to me and the credit is from their respective artists. A...

  • The Lost Submarine In Azur Lane
    32.2K 505 18

    It's year 2021 and The Russian Federation are sending out a fleet of warships for exercising but what will happen is not what they expect the most as the fleet suddenly disappeared without a trace after last contact made was an SOS signal sent by the fleet leader. Note: I do not own Azur Lane and I do not own any of t...

  • Azur Lane: Her majesty by accident
    164K 2.9K 63

    You are a recognized captain of the Royal Navy and captain of the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, but due to a terrorist attack you die and the aircraft carrier sunk, but they give you another opportunity to reincarnate in the universe of Azur Lane. What will you do? Disclaimer: The Azur Lane franchise does not...

  • Modern Day Warships to Another World(Azur Lane x OC's)
    22.5K 287 54

    (Rewrited Description!) As the war has ended 31 year ago, the world now peace... US began to make a good relationship with Russia Korean Peninsula now is unite as United Korean Peninsula or UKP People's Republic of Chine is now gone for good, replaced with Republic of China Middle-East conflicts has reduced with Unite...

  • Brothers in Arms: Battle for Azur Lane. (Azur Lane x OCs)
    5.2K 87 23

    "Vell, ve maybe born in different factionz, but ve are brotherz in armz. We never leave our brotherz behind." Director Michael Visscher, stuck with his native tongue. Despite the New Phoenix Project best efforts, the Portal was sabotaged by Enterprise. Leading to a failed operation. Kevin was forced to accept the marr...

  • Der KMS Europa (Azur lane Fan-Fic)
    70K 1.3K 19

    I have no idea what should i put in here. Azur lane goes to Manjuu, Yostar and Yongshi. Pictures and Music, does not belong to me, dit belongs to their respective owner.

  • Carrier Strike Groups X Azur Lane (Story Dropped)
    65K 681 49

    What would happen if Modern CSG's goes to Azur Lane? Well then lets find out what would happen.

  • Azur Lane: The Animation X Modern Warships (Rewrite or Remastered)
    51.3K 448 36

    The Story Of Different Modern Ships from Our World Being Teleported To The World Of Azur Lane

  • Brothers in Arms: Last Stand. [OCs x Azur Lane Yanderes]
    3K 64 20

    "He was... Richard and I... Well, we owe him... He's our Brother in Arm, I couldn't even give him a goodbye with the rest..." From a Broken Captain, Elijah Ezra, now a Commander of Azur Lane. With the Sacrifice of Kevin Lee and the influence of the Allegiance has been severed, his last wish of Enty leading his Fleet w...

  • Battle of the Ring. (Yandere Azur Lane x OC)
    12.9K 172 23

    "A wedding ring won't save anyone..."-Salty_Kirumi. "So much of my early retirement... What's with the ring though...?" Ex-Commander of the New Phoenix Project, Kevin Lee. (My OC) Former Commander Kevin Lee, once a Leader and Commander of the New Phoenix Project. Now a de facto Commander of the Azur Lane. After his re...

  • Azur Lane: The Twin Commanders (Status: Hiatus)
    534 25 5

    Two twins separated during childhood, one male, one female, one a deadly veteran commander of a PMC, and one a ruthless yet caring naval commander. What happens when they reunite. How will t-dolls react to shipgirls? How will the shipgirls react to their commander's twin and his shenanigans? Let us follow the shenanig...

  • (TNO×Azur Lane) The Modern Kriegsmarine Fleet In Azur Lane
    4.1K 82 6

    In 8 September 1992, the German Navy is doing a naval exercise somewhere in North Sea, 60 kilometers from Norwegian coast. While the flagship of the exercise fleet, KMS Vaterland, is doing the naval exercise with the combined task fleet consists of German ships as well as Norwegian, Danish and Dutch ships. A storm app...

  • The Crystal Fleet (Azur Lane x Battleship Oc's)
    41.7K 667 38

    In June of 1943 after the combined Fleet of the Russian Navy and British Royal Navy sunked the Crystal Fleet the Uni Souveran Arctic Fleet, those ships found themselves in a new world different from their world (Yes I did changed the description)

  • Azur Lane Arbiter X Male Siren Reader
    3.6K 97 3

    After the defeat of Azur Lane, the Sirens took control over the world. But nothing last forever. Azur Lane decided to fight again and could push the Sirens away from the occupied territories. Before the last forces of the Sirens were defeated, they sent their last hope into a parallel world in hope that he can change...

  • One shy boat in Azur Lane (Male Shy Reader X Azur Lane Harem)
    56.4K 663 8

    Y/N or known as USS LCS is the only male person in the world of Azur Lane. He fights along with his friends and allies against the common enemy called the Siren.

    Completed   Mature
  • Modern Navy(Modern Ships x Azur Lane)
    131K 1.3K 41

    Earth has been in war with the sirens with almost 1.000 casualties in the first week, 4 Ships of different nation were sucked into a mysterious portal after setting sail to battle (I may include my own modern ships here just for fun) (Story description changed: 3 times)

  • Azur Lane: The Fleet From Another World
    47.9K 545 18

    After the last stand, a fleet of powerful warships are teleported into a strange world. But they soon realize that this world is also suffering from the Siren onslaught, now they find themselves separated. Will they unit with each other once again, or will the Sirens gain the upper hand capture them for testing?

  • The MKS 180 in Azur Lane (OC x Azur Lane) [Restarted] - [SLOW UPDATES]
    32.9K 407 9

    July 11th, 2028 the German Navy puts the brand new MKS 180 Frigate into service, but on its first mission something goes terribly wrong and he finds himself in a new world... Note: This is my first time writing something, so expect some errors and this fan fiction is inspired by Markwindle's "The U.S.S Texas teleporte...

  • (Outdated) Prince Henry (Azur Lane: The Rising Prince) Main Story
    14.6K 209 5

    (As in 3/15/2022, It's being planned to be revamped entirely) The battle between the Azur Lane and Crimson Axis still goes on trying to take power, The Azur Lane tries to stop and end the Crimson Axis, while the Crimson Axis uses Siren technologies to their advantage against for more power. While the Royal Navy are pl...

  • Azur Lane: Lemons
    162K 1.3K 22

    Arts belonged to their respective owners.

  • Azur Lane: Yandere ____
    413K 3.1K 92

    Yandere images I find.

  • Azur Lane: The unknown forces of "Neuschwabenland"
    17.2K 294 40

    Recently, there were sightings of unknown ships in the seas near Antarctica but 2 months later, those ships are now nearing the main Azur Lane base, their movements change every. Single. Day, as they get closer, and closer, to the base, will Azur lane survive the onslaught of their new enemy? (Note: Azur Lane isn't o...

  • Azur Lane: High school life
    832 28 2

    A regular teen, Y/N was signed up to an all girls school with his sisters but also doesn't know that the school is also filled with ship girls. Let's see how it ends up shall we?