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  • The Thirst
    35.4K 1.6K 3

    Sydnie's life had gotten a little ... predictable. She went to the same boring job every day and had the same boring conversations until a mysterious stranger showed up and changed everything. What was his secret? Perhaps it had something to do with the Strawberry Watermelon Wendy's beverage he was constantly sipping...

    10K 782 4

    Agent Ava Rex, a member of Project S.I.P. infiltrates a tropical civilization to uncover the secrets of a medicines man's truth serum. A master of interrogative techniques, she is shocked to find herself on the opposite end of the interrogation when she is captured. But she can't contain her secrets after ingesting wh...

  • The Final Straw(berry Lemonade)
    28.5K 1.6K 5

    After breaking up with her high school sweetheart, Jessica begins to question herself and loses all hope of ever finding love. Fortunately, as fate would have it, she discovers the martial art of muay thai and not only regains her confidence, but also discovers what really matters: herself.

  • The Forbidden Fruit Tea
    67.6K 3.3K 5

    Courtney Craig is done with dating. Done, that is, until she goes on a weekend trip to Tampa and meets the love of her life. Unfortunately for her, the love of her life is also the love of someone else's life... her old roommate's sister's ex-boyfriend Jean-Paul. Drama ensues when both Courtney and Jean-Paul vie for t...

  • Love, Limeade and Deception.
    27.4K 1.6K 3

    Sheila was in love with Edward, there was no doubt about it. Their shared passion for Wendy's Limeade created an unbreakable connection ... or so she thought. Edward had begun acting suspicious, and Sheila was determined to get to the bottom of it. But what she found could make even the sweetest love story go sour.

  • The Lemonade Charade
    50.9K 2.3K 4

    They say "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Well, what do you do when life gives you a pink slip for no reason? Laura Saunders was unjustly let go from her job as an accountant at a big-name firm. Now, she's out to get revenge. Because sometimes in life, you need to balance the sweetness with a little sour.

  • Scary Stories to Tell in the Drive Thru
    5.8K 223 4

    Read about the urban legends and horrors of soggy fries and frozen beef. Some of these nightmares are real(ish), but you're're at Wendy's...right?