• My Adopted Brother is an Emo Freak (boyxboy)
    85.5K 1.8K

    Ish Evans is a a gay teenage boy who gets adopted by the Peneli family. Jake Peneli is a homophobic jerk. Jake hates Ish. Ish hates Jake, but he knows deep down he feels something. But will they ever be together when Jake's personality and past keep getting in the way? Or will a mysterious legend take control of their...

  • My Vampire (BoyxBoy)
    140K 3.4K

    Ace is a fifteen year old boy who is in love with his best friend, Nate. Everyone tries to give Nate hints, but he just doesn't get it. Then, a new transfer student moves to their school. Ace starts noticing the new boy and finds out his secret. Our main protagonist begins to think he's starting to fall for the new, g...

  • Venom I (boyxboy)
    172K 6.5K

    {{completed}} Venom is a villain. An insane villain, who just escaped a mental hospital he was sent at after having killed a hero in the most twisted way one could witness. Now that he's free, he gets to meet the super human to have replaced the other. Will he behave after the years he spent in that institution? Of co...

  • Cell Mates (boyxboy) *Sample*
    4.7M 82.3K

    Arrested for a crime he didn't commit, eighteen year old Riley Parker is thrown into a maximum security prison to carry out his sentence. He expected a cold hard life, filled with danger and uncertainty, what he didn't expect was his cell mate Nathaniel Grayson; he was gorgeous and more than a little frightening but...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cinderella
    4M 85.5K

    A girl with a secret and a prince on a mission-- When Prince Anthony spies Eleanoria Woodston outside her family home dressed as a servant, he knows something is amiss. Pretending to be John, his cousin's outrider, he decides to take matters into his own hands and figure out why Ella hasn't been seen at court. And mo...

  • Ki$$ & $ell
    583K 12.6K

    Arielle Sawyer is freaking out because she’s the last person in her class to be kissed. Frustrated by her kissably-challenged lifestyle, Arielle allows herself to be talked into selling her first kiss to the highest bidder—on eBay. The media soon catches wind of her story and all of a sudden she’s giving interviews an...

  • My Parent's Were Ninja's (NaruHina Fanfic)
    7.7K 108

    Naruto and Hinata Leave Konohagakure for a reason. They have children that don't know that they were Ninja's. What will happen when Team 7 are looking for a missing nin that happens to be in the village Naruto and Hinata live in? Read To Find Out. Do Not Own Naruto!!

  • My Wattpad Love
    42.7M 1.2M

    Julie has always been the shy type. Her world changes when she finds wattpad, a very popular ebook community. She becomes addicted to it and even starts posting her own stories. But are friends, fans and votes all she will get from this site? Or is it possible to find love as well?

  • Natural Disasters (BoyxBoy Twincest)
    2.8K 50

  • Uzumaki (Major Editing... again)
    2.1K 19

    When Yuki Uzumaki was born her parents where killed, leaving her sister Kushina to raise her. She was there when her sister married Minato who became like a brother to her. She watched as Minato became a teacher and Hokage. But one day things go very wrong as Yuki loses her family, believing that if she got stronger m...

  • I'm in Love With...My Bipolar Pimp? [GuyxGuy] [Extremely Mature]
    969K 28.1K

    **Rated R** *Content may not be suitable for the closed minded. Contains GuyxGuy... everything xL read at your own risk. Caleb had everything; money, power, family. He could have every girl in New York, except for one small problem; Caleb Valentine was and will always be as gay as they come. When his once lovin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hes Mute.. But When He Says I Love You.. It Sends Shivers Down My Spine..(BxB)
    • _MyWorld_
    • 3 Parts
    • Updated Nov 25, 2012 03:24PM
    53.7K 1.1K

    Kyle Davidsin Has Been Threw Hell And Back. After A Horrible Incadent 5 Years Ago Kyle Has Been Scared For Life... Now At School He Gets Picked On Daily. Everyone Knows Kyle's Secrets And Pasts... He's Been Keeping Himself In A Shell, That Is Till The New Boy Comes To Town. The New Mute Boy That Is. Skylar Richardmins...

  • A Wolves Heart (boyxboy)
    90K 1.6K

    wolves are owned by humans or vampires and sold as pets, workers or anything the owner wants from them.Toby is a small wolf at the bottom of the pecking order, when he is in the trading cell he is bought by a cocky vampire who is in search of a wolf to meet his brother needs. what will Toby feel towards the vampire wh...

  • Abducted
    3M 17.2K

    Crystal is taken from all she knows. School, family, friends, gone. And she hasn't even a clue where she is or how far away she is from home. And the man who has her is dangerous. Very dangerous.

  • Kill My Boyfriend
    746K 19.2K

    [Winner of the Science Fiction Watty Awards 2012] Counting down the days until you have to kill your boyfriend is unpleasant, especially for young Cyan who was genetically engineered to be a simple projection of what the leading creature of the universe should be. He's a soldier. Nothing else. He's expected to follow...

  • Ivra's World
    • Goddess98
    • 6 Parts
    • Updated Jun 04, 2012 02:44AM

    Ivra is just a teenager, living in a broken home with an abusive drunk father, until one night she is taken away from her home by a mysterious light in the sky. She is brought to another world, one where she is a princess who has to take her father's place in war against another planet. Even though she has no training...

  • He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me (Part I)
    14.7M 200K

    Book One of 'The Tales of a Royal Lunatic' THIS STORY NEEDS EDITING!! Emilee is crazy. Well, not literally. She's just slightly hyper and possesses a brain that is constantly on a sugar rush. This explains her tendency to space out. Her stepfather shipped her off to some boarding school in the middle of no where...

  • Bethany.
    248 7

    Beth had always been a plain child. But once she realised her immense power, that all changed. Follow Beth as she consumes herself in more and more darkness. And realises the extent of her power.

  • Nothing Left to Lose (SAMPLE ONLY - IT IS BEING PUBLISHED ON 5th NOVEMBER 2013)
    6.9M 45.6K

    ***** THIS IS JUST A SAMPLE OF THE STORY. IT IS BEING PUBLISHED ON 5TH NOVEMBER 2013 SO I HAVE HAD TO REMOVE MOST OF IT FROM WATTPAD. Please don't ask me to put the story back up here on Wattpad, I am not allowed due to the terms and conditions of publishing!!***** Annabelle Spencer’s life is every girl’s dream. Sh...

  • ~Puzzleshipping Oneshots~
    30.5K 773

    Puzzleshipping oneshots for all your adorable and not-so-adorable needs! (Yugi x Yami) (boy x boy)

  • Cutting Deep [boyxboy]
    4.6K 49

    Rape, discovery, new beginnings, old endings, the past coming back to haunt the present. Will what happened in Gage Cruzer's past affect his life? or will all that happened to him teach him about life and the trials we might all face. Will he succumb to the pressure or defeat his own mind with a smile perched on his l...