• Masquerade {Editing}
    19.9K 383

    In a time where the princess couldn’t pick her betrothed; Jane finds herself running away from the responsibilities of running the village. She doesn’t get alo...

  • je t'aime Means I Love You
    1.2K 52

    Avalon is Ice royalty, and when she recieves a necklace for her Evening Ball her whole world is turned upside down. How does a girl who grew up and lived in th...

  • Journal of the Eldest
    • Sa5MuelB
    • 14 Parts
    • Updated May 28, 2013 01:25PM
    4.8K 337

    I have lived for almost six millenia. I have seen empires rise and fall but at least I have yet to fall. But when those I left to rule remember that I exist an...

  • Dead and Not Buried
    11.5M 289K

    Leah Preston was a normal 17 year old girl, until she wakes up and finds herself staring at her own lifeless body. She has no idea what happened to her or ho...