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    **FEATURED STORY JULY 2018* **WATTPAD HQ READ OF THE WEEK AUGUST 2018* **WATTYS 2018 WINNER** Casey Brogan is on a mission to self-destruct. Whether it's booze, drugs or men, she's spiralling out of control and stepping over the line, to destroy the demons of her past and herself in the process. Ethan Drake isn't...

  • Anarchy
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    Preview of the first book of the Anarchy series, published by Orion Books. Preorder your copies today! This is danger. This is chaos. This is anarchy. All Rights Reserved to Megan DeVos, 2018 ©

  • The Intellect
    109K 5.6K 53

    Centuries after the Nuclear War, a rebellion is rising and Renna finds herself at the heart of a Civilization hiding many evils. ***** Centuries after the Nuclear War, the Earth is an uninhabitable tundra, leaving the Civilization as the lone island...

  • Sever - A Wattpad Featured Story
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    Society has become reliant upon the government birthing scheme to conceive. Fertility medication is scarce and entry onto the programme is both competitive and selective. Amidst a high profile heist of Fertility, Blue is caught running from the scene. Maintaining his innocence, Blue sets out to recover the stolen medi...

  • The Season Trials
    80.5K 4.3K 25

    Freedom is a gift. Gifts aren't given freely. Unless you're one of them. Kaylin Renoz dreads Assortment Day. Just like everyone else. People sold to the wealthy, escaping from poverty, only to be branded with a number. May 5. The day of her 17th birthday. The day she's chosen. The day she become 2309. The day Kayli...

  • Poor Things (Wattys2018 Winner)
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    || Highest Rank - #1 in Horror || Wattpad Featured || After a tragic accident, football star Joel Harper finds himself rolling his wheelchair into a new school in a strange town. Soon he's making friends of misfits, taking lessons in Iron Maiden, and dodging a ruthless bully with a penchant for switchblades. Little is...

  • Blink: 3003
    352K 20.2K 29

    Amber Garrett, the newest BLINK agent, is forced to prove herself when her first mission involves an alien threat that could destroy all of humanity. ***** Amber Garrett can blink, teleporting herself to anywhere she wants to go, which means she's a...

  • 13 Survivors
    534K 15.9K 65

    This story of survival begins on the wing of a plane floating in the Pacific Ocean. 13 castaways pushed to the edge by dehydration and starvation wash ashore on a tropical island covered in a living forest inhabited by mutated plants and animals. Desperate, delirious and bloodthirsty, in the jungle the survivors encou...

  • OathBlade (Wattys2015)
    593K 33.9K 85

    A strange and terrible power once performed dark puppetry with the dead to wage war against the living. One hundred winters ago that power was staunched. But it has returned. After a ruinous attack against her kingdom, Princess Elery takes up her father's sword to pursue the path of vengeance. A path which brings her...

  • Wants, Tightrope, Spilt Milk
    15.6K 632 71

    Casper Carter has wants. He wants to be famous. He wants to be remembered. He wants to teach us all to be animals again by killing, by torturing and by writing his name forever in blood. How? Well, as a teacher he stands before the perfect set of victims everyday. All he needs to do is change himself, to tear away his...

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