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  • ☆ Xiaether Oneshots ☆
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    [Not Updated] Literally just a book of Xiao x Aether because I like this ship and am very bored. This book will contain smut, fluff and maybe angst? Idk definitely not a big fan of angst so- Lmao I- Ahem. If you'd like to see a prompt of yours in a oneshot then please be my guest. My DM's are always open and you can p...

  • ☆ ChiLi/TartaLi Oneshots ☆
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    Some ChiLi because I'm actually in love with this ship and if I didn't make a book about them soon I was gonna burst- So a series of oneshots of them basically.. Can contain fluff, smut or maybe even angst? Tho most likely smut cuz- ... I'm like that. This is STRICTLY ChiLi/TartaLi or whatever you wanna call the one...