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  • Es Tu Hijo/Anheló Del Corazón.
    18.8K 1.3K 51

    Saga "Es Tu Hijo": Después de ocho años Jessie vuelve a Kanto, junto a su nueva familia, sin pensar que tendrá que enfrentarse a los fantasmas de su pasado una vez regrese a la región. Saga "Anheló del Corazón" |próximamente|: Ash recibe un enorme regalo que lo cambiará todo, dependiendo si lo sabe usar o no. ¿tendrá...

  • Journals From a Hokage turned Househusband
    517 55 5

    A pipe breaks at work which causes a flood throughout the Hokage tower. Now, Naruto has no choice but to work from home. It doesn't help that Sakura has to pick up more hours at work just as this inconvenience came up. In just three hours, he went from Hokage to a Househusband. Just how the hell is he going to get wor...

  • Momo, Love is Always War!
    3.9K 246 17

    My Hero Academia in the style of Love is War! Need I say more?! Izuku and Momo will have a very weird romance that neither can see happening. Ashido is a sweet and psychopathic girl Todoroki is Todoroki Class 1A (or 2A in this story) are battle hardened and also slightly crazy. Get ready for wacky adventures, and cute...

  • Star Wars: Hero Visions
    963 6 6

    Izuku Yagi, has been mistreated ever since he was 4, all because he was quirkless. But at age 10, he discovers that he as a mysterious power, known as... The Force. Now Izuku will be trained by Sonic Skywalker, as he prepares to face the galaxy's newest evil, Organization VII. But things get complicated when his origi...

  • Hellwalker: The Only Thing Villians Fear
    7.7K 113 6

    my first story so bear with me but i will try to put some work a typical izuku yagi story, a boy that was once cheerful until it all changed at the age of 4 after a visit. now neglected by his parents and beaten, bruised, and abused by his "sister" and "friends". only his aunts and uncles stayed by his side. All this...

  • InfoBunny | Informant / Vigilante Izuku Yagi
    669 12 3

    Izuku Yagi was always underestimated. He always was very observant. After losing his last hope, he decided to leave. And make a new path. Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters. And none of the picture are mine!!

  • Izuku the super genius
    444 3 2

    Izuku Yagi was born with a quirk that greatly enhanced his intellect however due to it not being suited for combat he was bullied by his 'friends' to stop him from becoming a hero and neglected for his sister who had a powerful telekinesis quirk, after he ran away he sold his inventions to make money eventually catchi...

  • MHA/AU: Magic Hero "Hexer"(IzukuxMomoxJiro)
    4K 184 5

    Izuku Yagi had it rough after being outed as quirkless his friends and sister betrayed him his father ignores him but after his mother takes him to the library he discovers and hidden book that binds itself to Izuku giving him access to magic so now armed with powerful spells and abilities he can finally be the hero h...

  • Izuku the Monkey King
    14.1K 437 8

    In a world where powers are known as quirks lies a being who was just a myth with power above all what if that power was bestowed upon a young man who's been nothing but a scapegoat yet has a heart of gold to those he respects while showing the wrong he's not to be mess with

  • World of Stupidity
    1.2K 42 2

    Izuku and Momo caught Katuski cheating on shoka and Izumi and Katuski lied on Izuku to get away with cheating

  • Ella que se ama solo a sí misma
    9K 764 35

    Me enseñaste que hay más en la vida que la sangre..." dijo con una débil sonrisa mientras luchaba por mantenerse consciente. Naruto sabía que no se podía jugar con ella desde el principio. Desde sus inquietantes murmullos hasta la inquietante compostura con la que acababa vidas. A pesar de eso, la encontró absolutame...

  • Solo Quiero Estar A Tu Lado. (Naruto X Samui).
    34.2K 1.3K 12

    Dos ninjas de aldeas diferentes se conocen en el pasado y de manera triste son alejados del uno del otro. En el presente ambos se reencuentran, sin saber como reaccionar a sus viejos sentimientos. Y el futuro es algo que los 2 no conocerán.

  • Para el amor no existen las clases
    52.8K 2.3K 14

    En la ciudad de Tokio existe la Konoha University que es la más cara y prestigiosa de todo Japón. Ino Yamanaka hija de famosos empresarios conoce a Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki, un joven de bajos recursos que proviene del servicio militar obligatorio ya que obtuvo una beca para estudiar ahí.

  • Naruto x Sakura ( LA SONRISA DE MI CEREZO)
    12.9K 905 15

    está historia pasa después de los acontecimientos de Shippuden después de la guerra en esta historia Naruto no estará con hinata no va haber Boruto ni himawari en esta historia solo está sarada ya verán porque no los espoileo tanto aviso no soy dueño de Naruto ni de los personajes que aparecen aquí PD: esta es...

  • el ninja del fuego y el ninja de hielo (naruhaku) (Pausada Por Tres Meses)
    33.6K 1.4K 23

    Naruto un chico que nunca experimento el amor de padres o tan siquiera el amor siendo odiado por toda la aldea al llevar una gran carga de trabajo de el los unicos que no lo odian son sus amigos y los de ichiraku el unico lugar donde lo aceptan, haku una chica que perdio todo en un dia su familia su clan vivio comiend...

  • Un encuentro único
    24.2K 2.1K 65

    Todo comienza 6 años después de que el Yondaime se sacrificara por la aldea sellando al Kyubi no kitsune en un bebé que debía ser tratado como un héroe. Lamentablemente el último deseo del Yondaime no se llevó a cabo, y el niño es maltratado pero no es el único.

  • Siempre juntos
    61.8K 2.6K 14

    Naruto Namikaze, huérfano, estudia en una preparatoria pero es lastimado por la persona que supuestamente lo quería. Su actitud cambia pero hay una chica dispuesta a hacerlo sonreír nuevamente.

  • NARUXTEMA:me enamoré de la hermana de mi mejor amigo Terminado
    165K 6.4K 14

    en esta historia naruto es desterrado de la aldea oculta entre las hojas y su amigo actual kazekage le ofrece ser ninja de suna a lo cual naruto agradece a gaara por ayudarlo y en el caminó descubre un nuevo sentimiento que jamás sintió

  • Una Oportunidad (Naruto x Shizune) (Finalizada)
    34.5K 1.8K 24

    Naruto y Shizune..... Una historia donde hay sucesos que involucrarán a ellos dos, cosas que harán que ellos dos sean más cercanos. Felicidad, Dolor, Confusión, Problemas... Esas palabras son las que quizas definen todo esto.

  • Labios rosados de Hinata (Completo)
    47.2K 972 10

    Está historia le pertenece a Regordeta-Hinata de Fanfiction

  • El Rubio Amante De Su Madre 💗 (Terminada)
    135K 1.3K 17

    Este es un fic netorare. Kushina y Minato están casados. No habrá intentos débiles para cambiar el ADN de Naruto o Kushina. Son madre e hijo, y tendrán relaciones sexuales incestuosas hasta que la muerte los separe. Minato lo descubrirá tarde o temprano. Estará furioso, pero nunca recuperará a su esposa. Creador: Supe...

    Completed   Mature
  • ScarletBug
    24.5K 338 23

    The new story takes place in the Ultimate Spider-Man universe where Scarlet Spider better known as Ben Reilly named after Spider-Man's uncle Ben was saving his comrades from a fallen shield ship that was going to go down in a flash. Spider-Man was trying to save Ben but Ben had to make sure everyone is safe including...

  • The Fallen Hero (completed)
    321K 11.1K 54

    Why... why was he stupid enough to let his guard down, he should have known he would be betrayed by his so-called friends. Just because he had the tendency to write any quirk he saw down they outed him as a traitor. Nezu and the teachers did nothing to alleviate the stress of constant bullying nor when he was cleared...

    Completed   Mature
  • (Completed)A New Order
    10.3K 145 12

    Ashoka stays in the jedi order but I problem arises when she no longer hide her feelings from Anakin. Will there be repercussions

    Completed   Mature
  • (Completed)Sith Of Mandalorian
    15.2K 281 13

    Anakin, Ahsoka, Quinlan Vos and Shaak Ti are banished for going to the dark side. thought to have lost there way, they ironically have been exposed to the truth of the Jedi. the past will affect the future. Palpatine isn't a sith Lord. The clones stay loyal. No order 66. This takes place before seige of Mandalore. Ahs...

  • Leaving The Order
    4.4K 131 7

    instead of Ahsoka, Anakin is blamed for crime he did not do. he is framed for the rape and murder of Padme Amidala. what will he do when he's proven innocent? what happens when he finds Barriss who was banished for going to the dark side? let's find out now.

  • At The Speed Of Thunder(FemKamiDeku)
    9.4K 284 6

    Izuku Midoriya. A lonely quirkless boy who had his only family taken away from him. His life changes when his father claims him and trains him as a Villain Slayer. Later he's sent to UA as their guardian. Find out now what happens.

  • Komi-san Loves Deku(Deku x Komi)
    11.1K 154 3

    So basically Izuku is married to my waifu.

  • Long Live Japan
    861 37 2

    During the years of galactic exploration, humanity has expanded it's horizons. They've traveller from star to star, planet to planet. But little did they know, enemies greater than before would rise.

  • Inner Peace
    3.3K 90 3

    Azula begins her journey of rehabilitation. Aang begins his journey of moving on. Little did they know their paths would collide.