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  • Shadows Into Light
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    This is a book of some of my poetry/songs. They're more like songs, so you can sing them with your own tune if you like :). Enjoy! cover credit to @DandelionWillow21

  • Last Words of a Killer [Fictional Poetry]
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    [COMPLETED] "And to taste death my soul awaits, the ultimate end for a twisted fate..." Ten hours into the day and ten minutes to be spared before death seizes control, the twenty-year-old killer's got ten poetic confessions to be announced as the last words of his departing soul... *featured twice on @storiesundisc...

  • Gates of Heaven
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    This is a collection of my poetry. Each individual chapter is a standalone poem, and they aren't in any particular order. I'll add to it if I create any more, but they tend to be spontaneous so I don't have a schedule for updates. "Gates of Heaven" is the name of my favourite special limit hand in Mah Jongg, which...