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  • Comfort the Wolves
    280K 23K 52

    A snake of a river splits the City of Beltan in two, separating the factories from the ballrooms, the brothels from the Queen's palace, the Royal Wolves from the beasts. Ivan, Beta of his Pack, must protect a woman from the dirty side of the river: Lianne Finn. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kingdom of the Red Rose
    1.4K 276 63

    There are five thousand and one Grim Reapers responsible for collecting and escorting souls between the two known realms of existence: life and the afterlife. Griffin knew his curiosity set him apart from all the other Grim Reapers, but he never understood what drove him to defy orders. A chanced conversation with a s...

  • Witches Burn at Dawn ✔
    58.9K 8.3K 61

    9x AWARDS WINNING + 17x FEATURED + WATTYS 2021 SHORTLIST ❝It all started in fire. But it never ended in flames.❞ Welcоme to St. Daktaliоn, the city where magic exists till these days. After burning alive for her crimes, Yarоslava Slavich, a witch once awed by everyоne, wakes up in a graveyard, in a stranger's body. H...

    Completed   Mature
  • Court Of Night
    894K 37.4K 53

    The pack on the verge of collapse, Fie Wright watches as her Alpha falls into a downward spiral due to his dying mate. After searching high and low for a cure, Fie's Alpha gives up on not only himself but his pack as well, leaving the rest of them to their own turmoil. That is until whispers of a miracle cure strikes...

  • Queen of the Night (Witchfire 1)
    1.9M 90.7K 55

    Chance Nightshade, daughter of the Melbourne City Alpha, will avenge her brother's murder at any cost. Even if it means working with a charming vampire prince. ***** Cursed with yellow eyes and the ability to tell truth from lies, Chance Nightshade...