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  • Lunatic | Jenlisa
    1.1M 52.8K 55

    lu·na·tic (/ˈlo͞onəˌtik/) "A person driven mad by the moon." None could make her crazy enough to want them. But who would have thought, Love was a dangerous thing that made even the sanest person go insane. ×-×-×-× [Warning!] Dark Romance, Horror, Detailed Gore, Sexual Themes, Triggering stuff is present (rape and s...

    Completed   Mature
  • You [jenlisa]
    564K 14.1K 33

    lisa , who have been friends with jennie since they were kids secretly have a feelings for her. but little did she know that jennie already know about it ?jennie keep pretending like she doesn't know anything because she can't return the same feelings and scared that it might hurt the girl.jennie love lisa and do not...

  • OBSESSION (JenLisa)
    215K 7.2K 9

    It started as an innocent crush. Then it became so much more. ...something sinister. Jennie is not taking any more chances. Lisa will be hers, tonight. When infatuation becomes obsession, how far can you go? This is not a healthy love story. AUTHOR'S WARNING: This is me trying my hand at something different. It will b...

    Completed   Mature
  • meow~ Notice me Lili! [j.k.l.m]
    53.5K 3.4K 10

    Genre: Rom-com, supernatural Lisa does not like rich people and Jennie is rich. Jennie only wants Lisa's attention but fails miserably. The only time she can get Lisa all by herself when she transforms herself into a cat. ⚠️ No adaptation or translation allowed ⚠️

  • UIRYS Book II: Manoban Thing
    7.1M 200K 175

    Family life of Lisa Manoban and Jennie Kim Manoban together with their children ❤

  • Lost on your words
    895K 39.8K 39


  • hold my hand in yours // JENLISA
    839K 27.4K 44

    JENLISA Jennie's father is put on life support, and becoming Lisa Manoban's girlfriend is her last chance at paying his bills. It was supposed to be about money. Insensitive, immoral, impersonal. She was never supposed to fall in love with her. // ©️This is an adaptation, story is not mine. Credit goes to the brillia...

  • Stalking My Ex-Wife (Jenlisa)(COMPLETED)
    607K 19.2K 28

    When it comes to the term of success in the business between two influence companies, Lisa and Jennie were forced for an arranged marriage. They at last agreed since the contract only lasts for a year. Unlike other typical arranged marriage, they did not end up with a lovely, happy ending but a divorce exactly like wh...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Would
    429K 21.7K 27

    Moving into her own apartment was a big step for Lisa. She always had roommates so being alone was different. She was scared but was determined to finally be independent. Lisa was known to be quite timid and very much introverted, strange for a model, right? So, being as quiet as she was, Lisa didn't need to or want...

  • YOURS (JenLisa)
    615K 15.4K 20

    Third Jenlisa fanfic from my "Possessive" AU titles. If you have read my stories, you know what you will find here--Smut. Over the top possessiveness, sweetheart stories with smut. Yep I said that twice for a reason. Check the Teaser. XO, -M Cover Credits to: Ms. JANE VAUCLAIN Started: June 02, 2019 Finished: October...

    Completed   Mature
  • Make YOU Love ME
    1.2M 38.9K 78

    ( Revision on progress) Jennie Ruby Jane Kim the only daughter of Kim Jiyong and Lee Chaerin. She is the CEO of the Kim Empire. She is a cold-hearted, spoiled brat, and a boss bitch. If she told you to kneel, you should obey her, or else she might make your life miserable. What Jennie wants, Jennie gets. Lisa Pranpri...

    Completed   Mature
  • Scary Innocence | Jenlisa AU
    752K 25.7K 42

    Argh! This whole thing is killing me! "Lili, Come on let's play!" "Rubyjane, I haven't finish my thesis y'know. It's not like I'm a genius like you." I answered rolling my eyes on her. But realizing what I've done I softly cursed as I slowly look at her in fear. Oh fucking--! This must have been one of the biggest mi...

    990K 42.8K 117

    Having kids is a blessing but what if it turns out a disaster? Find out in the next chapter of the life of the Manoban's. This will serve as the Book 3 of MY POSSESSIVE WIFE. This story will revolve around the Manoban's and friends. 📢 THIS IS NOT A GIP STORY ❌ 📢 I DON'T ALLOW REPUBLISHING, REPOSTING, TRANSLATING NOR...

    Completed   Mature
  • Professor Manoban
    989K 28.6K 60

    Jennie Rubyjane Kim, a senior college student who had Fun and exciting but complicated life after she met the 'God's gift to men and women' her professor, Lalisa Manoban. Girls And boys swoon over her, including Jennie. But the professor be friends with everyone except Jennie. Let's see how cupid would play with them...

    Completed   Mature
    533K 22.4K 36

    Jennie Kim and Lisa Manoban met when they were ten years old. Jennie-daughter of wealthy parents and Lisa, daughter of their live-in maid and cook-became fast friends, yet both knew their place in life. There was never a doubt that they would become lovers . . . there was also never a doubt that Jennie would marry and...

    Completed   Mature
  • You (Cold Heart) [Jenlisa Story]
    935K 27.9K 92

    Lalisa Manoban is looking for a new opportunity in one of the biggest companies not only in Korea but around the world, unfortunately for her the interview won't go as planned, but our fate is not marked yet, what will happen when she meets one of the coldest CEO in that industry?, the one an only Jennie Kim, is this...

  • Jennie Kim Is Not Gay || jenlisa
    604K 23.2K 59

    Lisa Manoban is trying hard not to let her crush on Jennie Kim get in the way of their new found friendship because, well---Jennie Kim is not gay. JENLISA ADAPTATION

  • It's you✔️ (JenLisa Fanfic)
    1.2M 27.6K 52

    Jennie Kim hates LGBT community because she is a homophobic and the other reason is her father wants her to become a Lesbian!! The reason why? Because in their family there's no boy who will heir their company and also her father wants to experience of having a son that's why her father forcing her and he is willing t...

  • pie in the sky // JENLISA
    192K 8.6K 13

    JENLISA AU Trapped in a small town, dead-end waitressing job, and a loveless marriage, Jennie Kim finds herself faced with an unwanted pregnancy. She finds solace only in her gift for baking pies and the company of a young doctor named Lisa Manoban. // ©️This is an adaptation, story is not mine. Credit goes to the bri...

  • Falling for Lalisa Manoban
    855K 31.1K 35

    Lisa Manoban is the most famous slash most successful bachelorette South Korea has come to know. Despite this, she remained as the loved daughter of the Manoban household. Jennie Kim is the big bitch of the JK Music Label. Her bitchiness is known to a lot of people. However, her friends know that she has a soft side...

  • Better Off
    1.2M 40.6K 62

    [COMPLETED] 《Be Alright Book 2》 "May your heart remain breakable, but never by the same hand twice" -T.S.

  • Lie To Me ✔️
    521K 21.8K 22

    "But if I ask you if you love me, I hope you lie to me.." -5SOS Based off of one of my stories in my book, 'Magnets' -Short story- Daily updates!! This story will be written completely different than my other books. Hope you enjoy!

  • As you wish princess (JENLISA)
    663K 20.7K 59

    Lalisa Manoban is the bully of the school,she has no friends since everyone is scared of her. No one can fight her back afraid to be fired from school since the owner of the school is her family. She acts cold toward everyone and wouldn't even hesitate to punch you even if you are a girl. Anyone can't tell her what t...

  • Summer in France || 𝖩𝖤𝖭𝖫𝖨𝖲𝖠 ✔︎
    384K 15.7K 30

    Newly divorced and bought out of her company, Jennie rents a holiday home in the South of France. After years of hard work and a failed marriage in Korea, she's looking for some peace and quiet, a place to clear her mind and figure out her future. Lisa loves women, her dog, and landscaping, but that's about as complic...

  • I Am Hurt
    480K 13.3K 21

    In which Jennie Kim breaks up with her boyfriend and goes back to Lisa because she just realizes that the one she truly loves is not him but her. **** Unfortunately, everything has already changed. Lisa changes. Everything changes. "I love you, and that's why I come back to you," Jennie says as she is crying in fr...

  • You Found Me (Lisa G!P) ✔️
    1.3M 41.4K 54

    Lisa's life has been a series of loss and misfortunes since she lost the love of her life. Her life has been dull and meaningless until she met a strange girl, one rainy Friday night in the busy streets of Seoul. A story about two souls who were saved and found shelter in each other. Start date: January 2019 (Note: Th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jenlisa - When You Realize You Love Her (COMPLETED)
    923K 28.2K 38

    Lisa is used to get bullied during her junior high school time and once is saved by her senior. Lisa decides to go to the same high school just to meet with her senior again and she also manages to make a new friend at school entrance ceremony. She finally meets with the senior but not in the way she has expected. #1...

  • The Siren's Light ✔️
    596K 36.9K 29

    I was sinking, the darkness was slowly surrounding me. The depth of the sea was pulling me lower and lower from the surface until I could no longer see the moonlight that glowed from above. This was it. I knew it was my time. But, Who was this silver haired beautiful creature with an alluring voice swimming towards m...

  • Teeth Jenlisa AU
    292K 16.1K 30

    Warning: Mature themes, strong language, violence. Jennie Kim, an English tutor from New Zealand, takes on a job in the small town of Yes-Seong in South Korea, in an evening Private School for the town's elite students. This small and insignificant town hides a dark secret and so does Jennie Kim. Check out my previ...

    Completed   Mature
    867K 27.9K 67

    LISA G!P Jennie believes bad luck is always on her side until she realised her bad luck was actually a blessing in disguise.

    Completed   Mature