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  • The Phantom Ascending |✔| [Phantom of the Opera Fanfiction]
    25.9K 2.4K 68

    Christine left and the Phantom of the Opera sank into despair. Yet when he discovers something magical in Cornwall, it will set him on the road toward Christine again. And she now resides in Venice, the city of gondolas, carnivals and mists... A tale of anguish, heartbreak, hope and love; of obsession and redemption...

  • Becoming Starkid
    93.9K 1.9K 47

    Starting her freshman year in college, Andy is introduced Team Starkid and all of its glory, and she strives to fit in and succeed. With her devilish smile and charming ways, being the newest member of Starkid shouldn't be that tough. But with Darren always lingering around, toying with her head and heart with his mys...

  • You Don't Know You The Way I Do- A Team Starkid Fanfiction
    28.8K 551 45

    Eli thought of herself as an unextraordinary human being. In the world of seven billion, she felt like a tiny ant that meant nothing to the greater scheme of things. But one of those tiny little humans called Joe Walker comes into her life, and she can't help but think that maybe she is something more. Joe was not lo...

    Completed   Mature
  • It Wasn't Supposed To End This Way (A Starkid Fan Fiction)
    76.4K 1.3K 65

    "Love is something that should be equal. It's a partnership between two people, and a commitment you promise to keep." ~Clark Baxtresser ************************************************************************************ If life were a game, would you be on offense or defense? For 22 year old Alex Rose, she wouldn't...

    Completed   Mature
  • In My Darkness: La Chatte Noire
    19.9K 950 45

    The authorities always spin the story so the person who did the actual killing is on the bad end of the argument, she's noticed that. They never even stop to wonder whether or not the person who did the killing was, oh... trying to save their own life, perhaps? She doesn't understand why they always make her out to b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Porcelain
    250K 10K 90

    An unwilling dancer enrols into the Opera Populaire troop. But things get a little complicated with her on off run-ins with the famous Opera Ghost.

  • Small Anomalies (Phantom of the Opera Fanfiction)
    71.3K 3.3K 30

    Raeann knew it wasn't wise. She wasn't being rational. But one day, she decides to pack up what little is important to her and run. Erik had never known kindness. Recently heartbroken over a young girl named Christine, he trudges through life with his head low. Everybody flees from his face, but will he find somebody...

  • The Shadow's Melody || The Phantom of the Opera || Book One
    151K 6.2K 29

    || Book 1 of The Shadow's Melody || As a maid here at the new Opéra Populaire I can certainly sense something different. Something missing. It lacked him. The Opera Ghost who disappeared. I know I should let it go. I know I shouldn't constantly think about a dead man. A murderer. But I simply can't. I can't forget abo...

  • Little Moon (Phantom of the Opera romance)
    77.9K 2.8K 24

    Lunette Basil is a young woman with rather serious situation. Her father has denied her what little happiness she could have. He's kept her cooped up in the small village and has tried finding her a husband on his own. She has little choice in her life, until she manages to escape the fate he's sold her to. She soon s...

  • Madame O.G. (Phantom of the Opera fanfiction)
    29.9K 1.4K 25

    Complete! Change just one of Christine's actions, and the story turns out quite differently, as the Phantom learns to be human once more and his Angel discovers that love is not always like the storybooks.

  • (BEING REWRITTEN) An Opera Ghost- A Phantom of the Opera Fan Fiction
    142K 4.6K 26

    ((Currently, I am rewriting this story to fit my current writing style, given this was written when I was in high school and I am in college now. There are a lot of changes, but I am leaving the original because I still like looking back on it. You can find the new & improved rewrite here:

  • Waltz with Me (A Phantom of the Opera Phan Fic)
    32.8K 1.3K 25

    Genesis Augustin loved to dance. It was her very life and breath. She would spend hours prancing across the floors of the old dance studio in New York, perfecting every spin and twist. Even after a disturbed past, Genesis shone through to be the best ballet girl in her small group. When her break to perform on Broadwa...

  • The Other Daae Girl || Phantom Of The Opera Fanfiction ||
    391K 12.7K 41

    Catherine Daae is not a faithful person. She doesn't care for fidelity, for stories or for love. Engaged at sixteen, she's ready to end her life as a child and start again as a married woman - as loveless as her marriage will be. That is of course,until she gets fired from La Scala in Italy. When she is hired at the O...