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  • Opia (ON HOLD)
    4.6K 377 6

    Brie's mother warned her terrible things would happen when she turned seventeen. And she was right. Now, only two weeks after blowing out her birthday candles, she has been uprooted from her sunny California home to the cold, rural outskirts of Montana. She is faced with starting a new school, having to meet new peopl...

  • Short Stories and Contests
    873 79 5

    This is a collection of short stories, challenges, and contests found on Wattpad.

  • Secrets (Offering Prologue)
    91.7K 1K 5

    Olivia can barely contain her excitement knowing Benjamin is on a plane from D.C. to San Francisco. It has been months since they've seen each other, and if she has it her way the entire weekend will be spent in their hotel room. But first she has one tiny hurdle to overcome. With the details of her story all worked o...

  • Sacrifice (Book 2)
    262K 14.9K 37

    Offering Trilogy, Book 2 #Wattys2016 After a century's absence, the vampire that turned Madison has returned to claim her as his bride. An unfortunate chain of events places the lives of her children in danger. In exchange for their safety, though she has vowed revenge on the vile creature, she agrees to leave her l...

  • Offering (Book 1)
    1M 6.7K 11

    Offering was a Wattpad Featured Story* Olivia and her family invited an elderly employee into their home Christmas Eve, 1908, and their act of kindness was repaid with a brutal bloodbath. Slaughtered by a Master Vampire and abandoned in the cellar, Olivia and her children were left with a final parting kiss of immort...