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  • I♥Perfectionists
    2.7K 90 36

    paano kung one day accidentally kang mapunta sa world ng mga PERFECTIONISTS..... Anong gagawin mo???

  • Lessons of Love
    154 3 7

    A story about three girls who finds love in an unexpected way it all started with a dare... will they have a happy ending or will they just end up being hurt? let's see how a stupid dare will teach them the Lessons of Love

  • The Unexpected Turnout :">
    746 34 9

    This is a simple story about a slightly violent-slash-sweet girl who falls for her most hated type of guy. How will she find out about her true feelings? How will she protect this love? and how will she protect everyone who is very dear to her? Well, let's find out as the story goes on ;) ---------------- Author's...

  • The Four Prince
    345 17 4

    tulad ng nakasanayan may bidang apat na lalaki at isang babae, pero eto iba :)) may pagka-twist ^_^

  • There's a new girl in town (ongoing series :3)
    386 13 11

    This story is actually made by me, Cedrick a.k.a Alexa.. Hehe.. This is my first ever story that I will post online.. Enjoy reading it po! hope you like it.. Comment lang if may suggestions. Basta wag lang violent ha? sensitive kasi ako.. Hehe...