blackbeautyjas's Reading List

  • Food for the Heart
    • Athenos
    • 6 parts
    43.9K 2K

    Mia Sanchez lives a simple life—she enjoys her work as a teacher, going to yoga, and spending evenings drinking tea on the porch with her boyfriend of ten year...

  • One In A Million
    • PoeticFashion
    • 14 parts
    • Updated a month ago
    44.7K 1.1K

    Niki "Lotus" Freeman is very picky yet sensible when it comes to meeting a man. Most times, she kicks them to the curb because they do something to piss her of...

  • All Grown Up - Washington Series 3 {Completed}
    • littlebit194
    • 31 parts
    847K 32.7K

    At 14, Raye Washington spent the end of her summer in San Francisco with her uncles and never returned home to Miami. On her 18th birthday, she bumped into the...

  • Can't Leave Em Alone
    • Expression_xo
    • 22 parts
    • Updated 13 minutes ago
    2.1M 38.9K

    Being apart of the drug game, or better yet being in the biggest known cartel, love is the last thing on Chasity Logan's mind. Even if she was interested in th...

  • Forever My Lady
    • TheeAuthorette
    • 11 parts
    • Updated 2 months ago
    320K 12.1K

  • Crash
    • wheadee
    • 77 parts
    • Updated 6 days ago
    235K 3.6K

    [trailer inside] He grew up on the rough streets of Harbor Bay, now forced to live in the wealthy town of Pacific Coast, can sixteen-year-old Cru Sommers survi...

  • Underserving Love
    • blackbeautyjas
    • 2 parts
    • Updated a month ago
    10 2

    "You take me to a place I've never even dreamed of, got my head up in the clouds, I’m high and you’re my drug, the perfect one for me and I thank God above, my...

  • My Life with the Walter Boys [Wattpad Version]
    • Fallzswimmer
    • 58 parts
    53.5M 901K

    Sixteen-year old Jackie Howard knows nothing about her new guardian Katherine Walter when she moves from New York to Colorado. After discovering that Katherine...

  • In Love with a Silverstone
    • Inahan86
    • 41 parts
    535K 4K

    Rick Anderson was given one year to choose a wife to fulfill his grandfather wish, but the bride has to be one of the 3 available Silverstone’s daughters.

  • Band On The Run
    • chooseitwisely
    • 26 parts
    • Updated 4 months ago
    894K 17.8K

    (Sequel to Just What I Needed) It's been eight years since Keely Staub moved to New York City once and for all. Eight years since the iconic band The Spares w...