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  • IN YOUR EYES, max mayfield
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    "I dunno-- just plainly rude." Azure decided to go on with her life after the tragic event that occured in Hawkins a year before. She was hoping for a cool, steady life this year. But all hopes that she had crumbled down as a new creature from the alternate universe had decided to invade their world. max mayfield x fe...

  • CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE, all of us are dead
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    "You're okay, right?" She panted as we started running away from our classroom. Su-jin forced me to face her. "Please tell me you're okay." "I'm okay." I breathed out, stopping on my tracks after some zombies appeared from the other end of the hallway with Su-hyeok greeting them with a kick. She nodded at me. "That's...

  • PEOPLE WATCHING, sex education
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    ( EDITING ! ) The story follows as the young royalties from France decided faced one of the most remarkable thing that they could ever experience. Facing challenges of love and family problems. ruby matthews x female oc ( g!p ) jackson marchetti x male oc ( not really detailed ) SEASONs, 3 - ✓