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  • I'll Reach For You (GirlXGirl)
    1.8M 64.2K 74

    Skylar Mason lives the perfect life with her parents, but one day her father a social worker decides to bring home a girl who he has been struggling to find a home to. Skylar hates the idea of sharing the house with a girl she does not know, but her name, Hunter Bennett. When Skylar meets Hunter, she realizes that Hun...

  • When She Kisses Me (LESBIAN)
    231K 2.4K 12

    This story mainly follows the life of Jen, a college student at NYU living with her best friend, Kate. She's getting over a break up with her ex, Rachel, a chronic cheater, and is finally getting her life back on track when Rachel decides she wants Jen back.

  • Love At First Day (GxG) <3
    17.5K 350 9

    Alexandria is a bit of a tomboy… okay so maybe she’s a lot like a tomboy, most of her friends are guys, but hardly any friends of the female kind, maybe only one or two, because of this her mother sends her away to an all girl’s school. What seems to be a disaster for Alexandria is actually a blessing in disguise, Ale...

  • Endeavour (Lesbian Story) [completed]
    207K 3.3K 17

    (SEQUEL TO RESPIRE) [PROCESS OF RE-WRITING/EDITING] Two teenage girls hide their relationship from the world, the only safe place they know is confined within the walls of a house. In such a close nit community rumours spread fast, and that's something Nichole isn't willing to risk. While Macie struggles to keep their...

    Completed   Mature
  • Legs Crossed
    321K 8.4K 26

    (GirlxGirl) Dylan Knights life was most defiantly uncomplicated…well at least to her. Except everything around her seemed to fall to the ground the day her heart takes a turn down a road she never thought was even in her path and somehow…her enemy was the one to make her take it. Fighting her feelings seemed harder th...

  • Step Sisters (GirlxGirl) (Book1 & Book 2) (COMPLETED)
    289K 5.6K 26

    > My name is Rosy Clarke, I was a popular girl with a striaght orentation. Until my step sister Alice made me fall in love with her, things started getting out of control, I lose my taste in men and become a lesbian for her, will people hate me for my sexual orentation? Will she feel the same about me? Will there ever...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Island (girlxgirl)
    223K 3.8K 25

    'An amazing thing about this kingdom was, other than being impossible to ever find, was that it was considered perfectly acceptable to be gay. The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh sons were gay, with the seventh being bi. The daughter herself was a lesbian, and always surrounded herself with the prettiest women she e...

    Completed   Mature
  • Head over heels (girlxgirl)
    17.9K 179 5

    Emma runs into this amazing person Tina, It so happens that Tina is Emmas new teacher..

  • Let it burn [Lesbian story]
    52K 859 22

    NB! This story is now edited and changed a little, so be aware! Two lives, two girls and one love. Girls from different world. One a shy , the other is a party girl. Secretly desiring each other, but will they find a way? And what happens after a tragedy none of them thought was possible to happen still happens… can t...

  • You Belong With Me (girlxgirl)
    4.8K 54 7

    Elena and Grace were inseparable ever since the first time they met. Over the summer they get really close and understand each other like best friends who've known each other since Kindergarten. The two girls struggle with their feelings and find themselves in each other. If you are interested, continue reading.

  • Remember (GirlxGirl) Watty Winner
    1.3M 24.9K 28

    She scoots the leather seat closer to the hospital bed and lays her head on the soft mattress. She puts her hands together and begins to pray. It was hilarious. She has never pray before and she definitely didn’t go to church. After her mom died of cancer she just stopped believing. However, she knew if she lost this...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beauty In A Breakdown (Lesbian Story)
    124K 2.4K 10

    When her parents send her away her final year of school, Kyla begins to grow out of her shell. A girl that was once extremely shy to the point of only focusing on her studies and her love; playing the Violin. But all of this happens when she bumps into a fellow student, Piper. Piper is known as the school's rebel and...

  • I Hate That I Love You (girlxgirl)
    308K 5.3K 28

    Danny always thought she was straight, until she met Ash. As they get closer, Danny realizes she's developing feelings for Ash. But girls aren't supposed to like girls, right? Danny is getting more and more confused each day. Will she accept what she is, or will she push it away?

  • Behind Ruby Eyes (gxg) (Complete)
    202K 6.4K 25

    Ashley is a fourteen year old True Albino, that is recovering from a violent and damaging Rape four years ago. She is starting high-school in a new town, and must deal with the effect of having eidetic memory, and red eyes. Struggling to overcome her fears she starts putting herself out there to meet other people, and...

  • Classy
    1M 27.5K 38

    Lita Midori is the rich, spoiled heiress to Midori Enterprises, her family's business. Frankie Moore is living above a nightclub, working three jobs to pay the rent. They have nothing in common except for a mutual friend, Gates, and a tendency to judge on first impressions. An hour after their first encounter, both wo...

  • I Think I Love You {GirlxGirl}
    152K 3.8K 21

    At the moment, ten years ago when I first met Elizabeth, I was so jealous and angry. My mother made me walk her to her house, even though it was next door. I wanted to tell her two things; One, I hate you, and two, I think I love you. Now, at seventeen, I still have no idea how to tell her how I really do feel about h...

  • Age is But a Number (lesbian story)
    927K 12.1K 29

    Laura is your average almost 18 year old. She's craving that excitement and freedom that comes with being older and is looking for more in life. Her preference is for women but high school girls are just too immature. She has a taste in older women but would never confess it. Especially to her Mom who is the most over...

  • Flowers and Skulls (lesbian story) *IN PROCESS OF EDITING*
    200K 3.1K 71

    This is a story that I originally posted onto and since my friend told me about Wattpad I'm going to post it to Wattpad now. I edited some parts of it and I hope people on here like it. A lot of people on quizilla do. The story is basically about two girls named Roxy and Julie who were brought together by...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ephemeral Taste (gxg)
    352K 8.4K 35

    Do you think you can turn around and just walk away from being a player? A ponytail, nerdy glasses and an average outfit couldn't contain someone like Rhia Le Ciel. Insert a supermodel named Eryn Stefan whose hobby is to collect broken hearts. Ex-player meets Player. An arrangement that is very tempting. Jealousy, des...

  • Life inbetween Living and Dreaming GirlxGirl(Editing)
    162K 2.9K 26

    Brooke is a Young up and coming director who just Moved to LA to see if her dream can become a reality. Along the way Brooke meets Sarah a lively rebelish girl and Brooke has a few hard discions about love and life that she has to make Brooke could always get any girl but would this be the girl that she couldn't?

  • Bitter Sweet Melodies (girlxgirl)
    342K 8.8K 17

    Jordan Jenkins knew she'd found the one true love of her life at the tender age of sixteen. For four years, it was a long honeymoon phase, filled with love, laughter and happiness. But as they grew up, the added responsibility came with added pressure. Taylor walked in on Jordan in the arms of another woman, ended the...

  • Maybe I Loved You Too (Girlxgirl)
    167K 4.2K 13

    Sometimes, you don't get to choose who you fall in love with. That is what Lee Russell discovers. After being a player for so long, the famed photographer unknowingly falls for one of her highly acclaimed, stunning models, Carmen Garcia, who becomes her ultimate challenge. What happens when Lee realizes that there is...

  • Tea For Two
    674K 20.2K 42

    "Just wondering, Shoemaker. Are you going to tell your parents? Or should I?" When I was little, I was terribly afraid of heights. One day, in a bleak attempt to rid me of this, my father climbed onto the roof of our one story house with me on his back. I may have been hyperventilating, but otherwise I was doing well...

  • Together Forever?: Book Two (Lesbian Story)
    200K 4.1K 34

    This is the sequel to Love Silently if you have not read it read that before you start this. Mia and Carson are together and face new challenges as a couple. They are both 24 and it's finally time for them to graduate and face life together. They're lives are starting as adults and have just gotten signed to a team. T...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blessings In Disguise (lesbian)
    300K 7.9K 20

    Dylan Tate, a San Francisco native, was perfectly fine with living a carefree lifestyle free from any major responsibilities. One particular day life smacks her upside the head with a greater responsibility than she could have ever bargained for. Will she fail at becoming a grown up or can she rise to the occasion...

  • it's just tutoring... (Lesbian stories) ON HOLD
    2.2M 41.4K 24

    Jo and Jennie have been playing cat and mouse for ages now Jo being the cat she's out and proud with a crazy bunch of mates behind her, she's taken a shine to Jennie; feeling this game has been moving too slow she takes action, Jennie on the other hand role as the mouse quiet reserved straight A student doesn't unders...

  • Caribbean girl (Lesbian)
    7.9K 150 5

    Rene' is an independent girl who doesn't care for help from anyone. She is very stubborn and does not take disrespect lightly. This summer she's going to meet someone who is going to change her life forever. Can she handle what is about to happen or will she back away? Read and you shall see :)

  • Deception (Lesbian Story)
    1.2M 28.8K 45

    --- "I was forced to master the Art of Deception in order to save my brother's ass. I was just supposed to do what I had do and disappear like I didn't even fucking exist. Forget everyone; forget I had met you. But I found myself realizing that it was impossible to do that after meeting you... because you consumed my...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mixed Emotions (girlxgirl)
    179K 3.4K 20

    Rogue has this uncontrollable love for her best friend Hayden, but she can't find the right time to tell her. Rogue is introduced to Roma, the new hot girl in town, by her new best friend (who also happens to be gay) Reese. Rogue runs into her ex-boyfriend, Grayson, and the tension between them is already out of contr...