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  • Hatemate Part One (Lovestruck Series)
    941K 41.9K 87

    Everybody knows that Billie has only ever liked Deion. She spends her four years in junior high school waiting for him to notice all her advances. The most she can get in return is a friendly glance. But when Deion finally paid her some attention, Billie starts to rethink if he is worthy of her efforts. Disclaimer:...

  • Hatemate Part Two (Lovestruck Series)
    367K 19.1K 37

    After two years of not hearing anything from each other, Billie and Deion unexpectedly meet at a college orientation. Not ending up on good terms in high school, both of them knew that they are never going to be friends again-not when they could only talk in the form of arguing most of the time. Surely, they did not w...

  • Half Meant (Lovestruck Series)
    260K 19K 162

    Falling for someone is easy. It's even way easier to joke around than confess and confront your feelings. After all, jokes are half-meant. Staying in love is hard and a relationship can go bad. It gets harder when you don't say what you mean. You know it gets worse when, just to make it work and make them stay, you n...

  • Heartbound (Lovestruck Series)
    235K 19K 77

    'Do what makes you happy; be with whoever makes you happy,' they say. But what if the things or people that make you happy aren't what you need? There are some things that go together that makes you happy but don't necessarily result to something good in the long run. But you keep coming back to it. Like your heart is...

  • Craving
    49.9K 2.6K 11

    Sir D, Ito flash drive mo. Ako na nag-save ng lecture report mo para mamaya. LUNCH BEFORE LECTURE!!! Okay? Sunduin ka namin pagkatapos mo. We love you. I love you. - Addie, Nadia, and Yanyan CRAVING : A Whenever You Want novelette ynativity, 2022 Cover illustration by charameldraws