• The Truth
    1.1K 51

    I know everyone's dirty little secrets. Everyone in this town is scared of me and even though it may not be normal; I like it.

  • The Nation Charmer-Book 1
    369K 4.9K

    Dahlia McLean finds herself thrust into a world of magic, monsters and immortals born at the beginning of time. She and her best friend, Troy Flarehill, and hi...

  • How Did I Fall in Love With You ?
    1.1M 13.1K

    Rachael Simpson is in love with her best friend of 15 years, Jason Sharp . She has kept it a secret until she finds out that Jason’s falling for another girl...

  • Perfectly Bad
    380K 7.3K

    “Jadelynn Genevieve Berkshire! That’s it! I’ve had it with you and your stints. I’m sending you to live with your father!” my mother had yelled. I had shrugged...

  • The Forsaken Children
    12.1K 783

    Astrid is an observer. She lives her life watching others from a dusty window. With her mother long since dead and abandoned by her father, she always felt alo...

  • Till Death Do You Part
    13.6K 442

    An eye for an eye, A soul for a soul, Life for a life, Death is your toll. Endure all the pains, Only do what you must, But remember these words; In Dea...

  • High School of The Dead
    1K 33

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if you school was over run by zombies ? How would the social groups get along with each other. and will they survive ?

  • World At War (On Hold)
    2.6K 52

    Jason Rodriguez, or known as Agent 4, is on an extremely dangerous mission. He must kill a top-class criminal, but he must go through his soldiers first. On th...

  • Teenage Life (& Lies)
    4.6K 140

    My life ain't that simple. It's not easy being naive and innocent, but now a year later looking back, I realize it was easy. Now I want to tell you my story. A...

  • Seeing Colors
    • Eunica
    • 15 Parts
    • Updated 2 years ago
    13.2K 1K

    *This story is under construction. You are not advised to read it yet. I'll tell you when it's ready, though. Read at your own risk.* Dreams, when tried to be...