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  • push | jjk
    436K 17.7K 48

    i had a crush on you and everyone knew

  • You Bad Boy || Kim Taehyung ✔
    102K 6.7K 17

    Even bad boys can love. Cover by @joonpeanut

  • The Obsessed Bad Boy | jjk 18+|
    227K 8.8K 15

    "now when i'm kissing you, kiss me back, hmm princess?" the raven haired guy who is also known as your fiance said. grabbing your jaw by his tattooed arms, he devoured your lips and you got lost in his intoxic obsession. a story where he wants her at the end of the day at all cost even after doing all the bad shits...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sold To a Mafia || Jungkook
    1.2M 31.2K 14

    20 year old Kim Minjee, still lives with her parents because she and her parents are considered poor. And her parents struggle with money. Her parents arnt the best. they are mean to her, and sometimes makes her skip meals just for themselves to eat. they struggled with money so badly, to the point where they sell her...

    Completed   Mature
  • Vibrator || Jeon Jungkook
    1.7M 35.9K 10

    "You will have to wear a vibrator to the dinner tomorrow night." ___________________________________________ If you are a soft and innocent stan of BTS, get outta here.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Mafia's Beloved (Rewriting)
    562K 5.6K 9

    What happened when the most powerful Mafia King fell in love with a normal girl?

    Completed   Mature
  • Captain Jeon • J.jk
    1.2M 62.2K 39

    "As long as you're on my ship, you belong to me." Jeon Jungkook, a dangerous, yet selfish pirate who sees something he doesn't own but still claims it as his, and Lee Yeona was no exception.

  • My Cruel Husband 2 || Jeon Jungkook
    7M 355K 47

    In which Jeon Jungkook returns to his old self which is... neglecting you. ======================================= SEQUEL to My Cruel Husband ======================================= Was #1 in Fanfiction. Thank you readers!

  • My Cruel Husband 1 || Jeon Jungkook
    15M 628K 48

    In which Jeon Jungkook agrees to marry Song Taehee(you) because of some reasons. She's happy. While he isn't. She does everything for him. While he does everything for another woman. ======================================= Was #3 in fanfiction. Thank you readers! ======================================= Note: Due to t...

  • One Last Time ✓
    20.6K 1.1K 9

    Her love for him is too deep, deeper than she would have liked it to be and this love is the only reason of her hurting. This love is the reason she is hurting, watching her boyfriend, jeon Jungkook start a family with his best friend. Highest rankings: #1 in sadlovestory

  • The Truth Untold| J.JK ✔️
    25.2K 1.5K 13

    A story in which Jeon Jungkook grew up in a household without love and support. Learnt to hide under a mask all his life with many insecurities, he never knew what love was. Until he met you. Every night he secretly meets you in a field of flowers making sure to hide under a mask. Will he be able to take off his mask...