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  • Creature (CENTURIES series: Book #7)
    9.6M 367K 33

    "What are you?" "Lethal." • • • Humans and Creatures. That's what mankind has come to. Some humans were locked up as infants and genetically altered for the purpose of making a stronger specie, and now their offspring have to be tested to see if they are safe to put out into the real world. Having been locked up in se...

  • The Bloodlust Alpha
    8.4M 288K 36

    Highest in Werewolf: #2 "Selene, my daughter, please hear us out. I know we don't deserve it, but your sister is pregnant and-" I held up my hand to stop the man named Benicio Dixon from speaking. Surely they didn't call me here just so they can dump all their personal problems onto me or dig up the past. If that was...

  • I Loved You Blindly [Complete]
    169K 7.5K 23

    'Accidents happen'. That's what people say. Yet, some accidents take away from us more than others. Ethan had it all. Everything was lined up in front of him. Popularity, looks, friends, a hot girlfriend and a promised future in football. In one incident that resulted in a horrible accident, he lost it all. The best...

  • You're Still The One *slowly editing* (Completed)
    2.7M 102K 53

    'You didn't answer my question,' he asked, holding her gaze in his hypnotic ones. 'Wh... what question?' She was surprised at her own voice, it sounded like of someone else's. She wanted to ask him--which question, there were so many he had asked her tonight. Each one threatening in their own different ways to her san...

  • Pick The Second Male Lead
    15.6M 582K 209

    Would you like to play a game? The rules are simple... you just have to get someone to fall in love you, devote himself to you, and care for you until the end of his days. Think it's easy? Confident you'll win? Let's see how well you play the game. WARNING! Viewer discretion advised: story contains adult content...

  • Loving You, For a Lifetime
    123K 6.4K 11

    Book 0 of "One Lifetime is Never Enough". A chance encounter. Or was it really? Lee Tanaka was a young man at the peak of his life. Smart, good-looking, great career in a growing law firm, with a good personality to boot, he was the perfect man. His life only revolved around various court cases. And good coffee. Unti...

    Completed   Mature