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  • A Flowerbed for Romantics
    2.8K 704 26

    The chattering of canaries beneath the cumulus clouds' silhouettes call nature out to breathe once more for I am here, laying above verdant grasses. I carry the heart of a romantic; the art of loving enwreathes itself around my worn out heart. For each heartbreak I experience, petals wither until it strikes the ground...

  • Seasons of Heartbreaks
    2.1K 939 50

    The heartbreak tales of Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring flowed through the words of every chapter along with the vicissitudes of seasons that unraveled the memoirs of their wretched cries and ephemeral enamorments. Like a speckle of dust, it ebbed away into thin airㅡlong to be hidden in the blotches of ink; it may ha...