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  • ACOTAR One~shots [Discontinued, Will be deleted]
    254K 2.2K 35

    One shots from Acotar, Acomaf, Acowar and Acofas. Art belongs to their owners.

  • ACOTAR oneshots
    18.3K 315 44

    Lots of acotar oneshots, some theories, opinions, and tons of fanart, enjoy! Mature content will be present in some chapters, depending on the ratings, but triggers will have seperate warnings. Feedback is welcome, but no hate please! Feel free to request oneshots that you want me to write in the comments, I'm open t...

  • Feysand Fanfic
    274K 2.3K 53

    A load of cute and fluffy Feysand one shots featuring adgfighfdgdsh RHYSAND :)