olibethdasco18xx's Reading List

  • The Girl He Never Noticed [PUBLISHED: Pop Fiction Summit Media Books]
    84.1M 2M

    [PAPERBACK and EBOOK is now available under New Adult Pop Fiction Summit Media Publishing Company] Meet Jade. The girl who wore a black wig, black-rimmed big...

  • Chasing Red
    66.7M 1.8M

    (ONGOING STORY) She was fire and I wanted her to burn me. Like a moth to a flame, I could not resist. She was broken. A puzzle that was missing a few pieces...

  • The Cell Phone Swap (Fate's Game #1)
    72.3M 1.2M

    Keeley accidentally swaps cell phones with a rivaling high school's star quarterback. Unable to switch back until a week later, she must interact with the arro...

  • My Wattpad Love (Being published)
    41.2M 1.1M

    (Published on Amazon and Kindle) Julie has always been the shy type. Her world changes when she finds wattpad, a very popular ebook community. She becomes addi...

  • Pretend
    10M 105K

    When April's boyfriend (Kyle) breaks up with her she is heart broken. She can't seem to get over him, but when her best friend's brother poses as her boyfriend...

  • One Mate and a Rejection
    12.2M 201K

    Like any other girl in Barbra High, Emerald Carson was deeply head over heels for Jared Thompson, the school's perfect 'it' guy, who also happens to be her two...

  • The Drummer's Girl (Josh Devine Fan Fiction)
    82.9K 730

    Katherine Mathews is a normal 20 year old. She has a job, apartment and a amazing boyfriend, Josh Devine. He is a drummer. He just happens to get called to go...

  • The Way He's Not
    25.1M 239K

    Bad boys are unreliable, uncaring, arrogant, immature, disrespectful players with no care for laws, rules, guidelines or girls’ feelings, according to Jacey Co...

  • Backfire (Niall Horan)
    22.6M 285K

    {book 1} ✓ - ❝ Once upon a time… Wait, are you shitting me? This story doesn’t start like this. On the contrary! This story is about a girl who thought had eno...

  • Lights, Cameras, & Harry Styles
    8M 108K

    "Harry Styles will be playing your love interest." Those were the words Amber dreaded to hear. With a lot of bad history between them, the last thing they want...

  • Cover Girl (One Direction Fan Fic.)
    • teaparties
    • 59 Parts
    • Updated Jan 04, 2014 04:02AM
    9.6M 74.8K

    Liam's sister is broke and needing a home. As she is welcomed into One Direction's apartment complex her life is completely changed. The boys have always been...