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  • BASTARD 1: Achilles Guevarra - The Vengeance
    52K 976 21

    Achilles Guevarra would do everything just to show he is perfect to his beloved woman. He has belief that love can fight everything, but things has turn when the fate has other plans for him. When someone planned to ruin his perfect relationship. A person who wants to steal and marry his woman and a person who will pu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Behind The Mask
    5.3K 1.1K 16

    Zack Frost Alcazar

  • Her Perfect Imperfection
    355 30 19

    Marriage is a contract between two individuals. Marriage is for people who trust each other, who cherish their partners despite their flaws and imperfections. My husband and I, we're in a different situation. Everybody sees us as a flawless couple. We are a sweet couple in public, but when the sun goes down, our relat...

    47 9 3

    Alexei McKenna, a man who's engaged and has experienced many things in life at a very young age. He's also known as a very cheerful person but no one knows how much he's hurting inside. His parents are divorced, from that moment on he wanted to live by himself without contacting anyone in his family. But when he met t...

    118 21 9

    Siyam na mag kakaibigan na nag ngangalang Zethena, Seidon, Mathemis, Mercury, Charles, Hephaen, Paul at Harris ang haharap sa mga mang yayaring babagi sa kanilang buhay Bumuo sila ng masasayang ala ala ngunit lahat ay mag babago dahil sa mga pangyayaring hindi nila aasahan Samahan silang alamin katotohan mula sa isang...

  • Final year in Bellgrande high.
    1.4K 544 22

    Bellgrande high is a school for the classy and rich kids of Lagos island.Chinyere and her clique are bullies that oppress fellow students with their ways of life. Michelle is a new student in Bellegrande who isn't familiar with the luxury of the school. Chinyere and her clique are also bent on making her life miserab...

  • Falling Back To Ex
    4.4K 1.3K 45


    Completed   Mature
  • Unwanted Wife - Complete (Self - Published in PaperInk Publishing)
    12.6K 465 96

    Bilang asawa sa lalaking pinakamamahal ko ng lubos, hanggang saan nga ba ang kaya kung tiisin? Palagi kong naitatanong sa sarili ko ang bagay na 'yon, pilit na hinahanap ang tamang sagot, ngunit sa huli ay pikit matang iiling, itatabi ang katotohanan at patuloy na uunahin ang pagmamahal ko sa kanya. Para sa lalaking k...

    Completed   Mature
  • Thrill Of Chase
    4.7K 774 51

    Addie has a crush to one of her brother's childhood friend, Zim. He is an achiever, the reasons that Addie admires him. Addie dared herself to admits her feelings to him, causing embarrassment to herself. Which made her decision to avoid Zim in all possible ways as she can. She dared herself to admit her feelings for...

  • When Dreams Become Reality
    1.1K 35 3

    CEO Blaze Cunningham has grown a successful business alongside his four cousins, making these five men millionaires. Blaze has all he could ever want except for love. Blaze has been cheated on and used for his money and is convinced that true love and soulmates don't exist. Identical twins Lyra and Vega Riley could...

    Completed   Mature