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  • The quirkless hero
    45.3K 1.8K 15

    Izuku midoryia aged 10 learns why they say "never meet your hero's" Quirkless hero deku, inspired by my hero academia and daredevil.

  • Hero? Villain? Which one do you think I am?
    210K 6.8K 22

    In this AU Izuku is not a hero, nor he is a villain. He is not a vigilant too. He is just a normal orphan kid who live by volunteering in the morning and hacking at night. Yeah just a normal kid. # this story will be a bxb story # no lemon just fluff

  • Days Left To Live Until The Day That I Die
    45.9K 1.3K 22

    Izuku was sick his whole life. The doctors didn't know what he had, just that he would propably die when he was really young. Maybe not even an adult. He spend his whole life in the hospital and was only a few times outside in the forest or the beach. He was never in a mall or in the middle of a city (except if he is...

  • Medical Pro Hero: Deku
    67.5K 1.7K 31

    Deku, witnessing his mother dying in front of him with her blood all over the living room, he vowed that he will capture the villain if the pro heroes gave up. He met his long lost brother as he was adopted. Will he succeed to capture the murderer, or the heroes caught it first? I mean- WHO THE F KNOWS?! I know its o...

  • The healer Deku
    407K 12.2K 20

    This is an AU where Deku does receive a Quirk that heals everyone expect himself. This is a fan-fiction, I do not own My Hero Acadamia.

  • Coding bunny: Izuku
    94.2K 3K 14

    Izuku was born quirkless and was abused and bullied for all his life. One day, he couldn't take it anymore and runs away. Years later, a hacker named Coding Bunny appears and helps heros by getting information about the villains. Who is this Coding Bunny? I am not good at writing, so it may be really bad.

  • Nature's Gift ☘☘☘
    290K 8.5K 22

    Izuku Midoriya, a young independent boy who's thought to be quirkless and has been bullied for it. His quirk manifested late at the age of 9 with his love of nature, animals and helping those in need. All For One targeted Izuku for his powerful quirk and killed his mother in the process. His mother was prepared for if...

  • Son of All for One (Under Editing)
    228K 4.8K 27

    Follow the story of our bright happy cinnamon roll sun child Izuku Midoriya as he learns the secrets of his origin. Along with finding his father for who the life of him can't remember. What awaits the small greenete and will he be able to cope with the though of who his father maybe and continue striving to be a hero...

  • The Vigilante That Is A Litual Walking Arsinal
    134K 3.2K 21

    Izuku got a quirk that he thinks doesn't hit the hero discription. He was right to think this to. Atter all how can you be a hero when everyone is afraid of your quirk . The easiest answer is be a Vigilante. How will this story unfold

  • Glitched (Mha)
    229K 7.4K 34

    His vigilante name is Glitch, he fights villains and hacks into villains electronics to get information at night. During the day he's a civilian named izuku midoriya a friendless, parentless, and Depressed kid. His life is always hectic, if he gets even the least bit comfortable life just through him into a new hard...

  • Aitai Shigaraki
    13.3K 614 18

    The story of Tomura Shigaraki's little brother, Aitai.

  • Pain behind the song
    95.9K 1.8K 11

    Izuku midoriya does indeed have a quirk, however that quirk is severely misjudged and he was bullied because of it, he was abused because of it and he was reborn because of it

  • Two Peas in a Pod (Dadzu)
    527K 9.1K 37

    Izuku is born quirkless and gets kidnapped and tested on in the same place as Nezu and when he is saved he gets adopted by Nezu who Was tested on in the same facility

  • The Lost Wolf
    47.7K 796 13

    izuku is a boy who looked up to heroes,he worshiped them.Until one day when he overheard his father talking with a walking torch,the only words he could make out that came from his dad were "I'll dump him on the streets and say he got lost or something,the weak and quirkless are nothing to me" Izuku was too scared he...

  • Before my heart gives out (My hero academia)
    473K 22.3K 33

    Everything he loved, became everything he lost. Izuku Midoriya learned just how precious life truly was at a young age. He decides to take matters into his own hands by making sure his mother's death wasn't in vain. he's left to become a vigilante. or story where izuku's mom dies in a car crash and izuku...

  • Stain's Hero
    119K 5.1K 13

    Blood... Everywhere... It was overwhelming. None of the heroes saw the incident, but one person did. The heroes didn't even bat an eye. One person did though. "I'm..... sorry...... baby" "KID!?" Stain. Read as he takes in Izuku, and teaches him to be a true hero. Warning: THIS IS VIOLENT AF. Blood, depression, an...

  • Mystery number (not the typical chatfic)
    177K 6.5K 17

    What happen when class 1A accidentally made an error while creating a group chat and instead of adding one of them added a complete stranger. What if Aizawa was part of the group and they didn't realize the error they did not even the underground hero saw it? What if the person was well known? The question reminds who...

  • Suicidal, ME? NO, NEVER! (Not the typicall Chatfic)
    779K 25K 27

    After a couple of group chats that were created and destroyed, Mic decided to give it another shot and created a UA staff group chat. Unfortunately for him, he made an error while putting everyone's number in. What happen if he puts a kids number instead of a pro-heroes once. What if said kid is suicidal and wants not...

  • Vigilante Of Society
    21.6K 794 22

    At the young age of four, his world crumbled upon him when he was deemed as quirkless. His parents that loved him even though he was quirkless, was caught in a car crash, making them dead when he was 8 years old. He lives with the friend of his father, but this friend of his father tends to keep Izuku a secret from hi...

  • Nezu's Apprentice
    138K 5.5K 13

    Izuku Midoriya was a quirkless kid with a dream to be a hero. He tried to get into UA's hero course, but he failed the entrance exam. However, Nezu, principal of UA took intrest in him. What happens when Nezu makes Midoriya his personal student? TW: Swears, discrimination, suicide baiting, violence, and possible gore...

  • A Therapy Pet Like No Other
    249K 7K 22

    After watching his mother die, finding out he was quirkless and his father abandoning him izuku could say he didn't have the best of luck yet there was something that kept him sane. A therapy pet if you will. Butttttt it's not quite what you'd expect.

  • ~Child Deku~
    233K 5K 19

    (This book is so immensely cringy, therefore, its discontinued. Forever on going; in your own imagination.) A villain attacks U.A, the Villain's quirk is age. When the victim get's touched on the cheek the user decides to make the victim older, or younger. It takes a couple seconds to do this... Midoriya takes a hard...

  • 𝐄𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭 #𝟑𝟎𝟒
    31.3K 855 12

    When Izuku was four he was taken from his home by villains and raised to be a weapon who would kill without a second thought. The villains pumped him up with all sorts of different drugs and injected him with different quirks. By the time he turned fifteen he was almost completely unaware of everything around him. All...

  • Supreme Ruler Of UA (Suicidal me, NO Never! Part2)
    248K 9.8K 23

    After being added to the wrong group chat and finding a new family and a place in life, it is finally time for Izuku to move on and be a proper UA hero course student. What would a class be without its very own class chat? Class 1A decides to make a brand-new group chat with everyone in it. However, no one of them kno...

  • Izuku: Olympus's child
    89.6K 2.3K 17

    Izuku, born in a world of superheros, was unfortunately quirkless. But that didn't stop him from trying his best in becoming a hero. What will happen when grabs the attention of the Greek gods? NO ART IS MINE UNLESS SAID SO ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO KOHEI HORIKOSHI EXCEPT MY OCs!

  • The MPD cat boy
    195K 5.6K 49

    Izuku Midoriya, a very special boy. He had a cat mutation quirk and another one called MPD. He had multiple people inside him and they were part of his family and became his siblings when tragedy struck. "Their" dad was killed by a villain two weeks into going to America for work and left them broke. "Their" mother tr...

  • Immortal might
    296K 4.5K 17

    Izuku at the age of four, gets the quirk immortality and other stuff.

  • Kage (Vigilante Deku AU)
    503K 17.9K 46

    "Is it possible for someone to become a hero without a quirk?" "... No. I'm sorry." - Basically Izuku without OFA - NONE OF THESE CHARACTERS ARE MINE. They all belong to Horikoshi. art by taybeeart on tumblr

  • Izuku Aizawa (Dadzawa)
    444K 13.5K 38

    Izuku Midoriya got involved in a villain incident causing him to lose his mother. A certain underground hero who got involved in the investigation grew fond of the child and decided to be his foster parent for a little while. But soon enough an even more interesting connection was found as Izuku manifested his quirk.

  • Split Between Black and White
    19.5K 750 29

    Deku has a split personality, which enables him with two similar, yet equally dangerous, quirks. When his mother dies, Izuku flees to the streets only to be given a home for a short while with his best friend's family. As time goes on, however, Izuku feels more and more out of place, and eventually moves out so he ca...