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  • Tough Green
    19.2K 507 22

    butch and his brothers are back. each one has their eyes set on a girl from the past, each willing to hurt anyone who got in their way. and each with secrets. what happens when buttercup try is to keep butch at a distance........?

  • Which one!
    1K 20 1

    The powerpuff girls havn't seen the rowdyruff boys in years what happens when they show up again? 3 boys fall in love with Buttercup! Who will she choose Mitch, Ace, or Butch?

  • Loving Me Clearly.(A PowerPuff Girls Z Love Story)
    37.3K 1K 28

    In this story we have Tokyo City's favorite girls the PowerPuff Girls Z. They all are in 8th grade with a new style, but for them its gets interresting when boys get involed. Not just any boys... The RowdyRuff Boys who joined the girls in high school for 8th grade. But something has changed among the boys. They became...

  • A Princess In Hiding(A PowerPuff Girls Z Story)
    13.7K 453 14

    In this story we have Momoko, Kaoru, and Miyako who are living out there daily lives as PowerPuff Girls Z. Protecting Tokyo City from evil and chaos. But the leader has a secret that no one's about. Her secret that she is a princess who ran away from her home a long time ago. She lives with her royal cousin Kadlen who...

  • 3 Kisses In One Night {A Powerpuff Girls Z Love Story}
    2.7K 52 1

    Momoko sneaked out of her house to go to the dance, and something there happened that starts with a D... and it ended with a K... (It's not something perverted!) Please read XD (Also it's mainly Momoko x RRBZ)

  • When will the pain go away?
    7.5K 163 8

    UPDATING AGAIN <3 - There was an accident with Miyako's home, causing her grandmother to stay in the hospital for a while. Her parents won't come and check to see if she's alright, so she stays in Japan, however, her parents arranged for her, Miyako, to stay with some old friends of the parents that is, until her gra...

  • Project Rowdy Puff
    127K 4.4K 31

    My twist on ppgz x rrbz. Enjoy

  • I Want You.
    23K 538 15

    Ppgz fanfic. You already know who's back but You know who don't want 'em. Don't you? Will this be a good love story or just a really bad attempt.

  • Puffs and Ruffs Collide ( Powerpuff Girls Z Love Story )
    148K 2.1K 20

    Two years. For two years the Powerpuff Girls Z, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have protected their fair city of New Townsville.They're in 8th grade and a lot has changed. Buttercup has joined every sport their school has to offer, and yes that inculdes Football. Bubbles has her older cousin Lily living with her and...

  • Blossom and Brick a ppgz and rrbz love story
    111K 2K 50

    this is my story about how i think the power puff girls lives would of turned out like as they grew up into adults.

  • Ever After [a Powerpuff Girls Z Love Story] Book II
    58.4K 1.6K 29

    Two years have passed and Brick finally gets to come home to Japan where his loved ones are. Many things had happened in those two years and who knows what. With Brick back, new enemies will be introduced. Old enemies make their comeback with their evil intentions not changing a bit and new challenges will rise to fa...

  • Candy Kisses {A Powerpuff Girls Z Love Story}
    4.9K 150 5

    After they had saved Tokyo City many times, it's time to make an end to The PowerPuff Girls Z, Forever.. Momoko, Miyako and Kaoru have separated their ways and will try to start a new life, forgetting that the PowerPuff Girls Z even existed. Old Enemies will show up, but will they still be as evil as before. Or have t...

  • Powerpuff Girls Z & Rowdyruff Boys Z
    93.7K 2.4K 24

    Three Years pass the Powerpuff Girls live thier happy live still fighting crime. What happens when they meet three boys that are secretly the Rowdyruff Boys! Will the boys take revenge or learn thier true feeling for the puffs This is my first story excuse my terrible english skills ; D

  • In Newtownsville (A Powerpuff Girls Z fan fiction)
    8K 142 13

    Not only is there a Orange PowerPuff added to the team, there will also be, the PowerPunk Girls and the RowdyRuff boys! And lots of other drama! ALL RIGHTS TO THE WRITERS OF THE POWERPUFF GIRLS Z: I don't own Powerpuff girls z, but I own most of the happenings of this book and Blaze

  • Rowdyrock,rowdyruff,powerpuff love
    2.6K 64 3

    What happens when the power puff meet the rowdy rock and the rowdy ruff come to town as vampires? Drama! Oh just get to the story :P

  • Puffs and Ruffs *UNDER EDITING*
    10.8K 403 19

    It's been two years since hims defeat. While all villains disappear but when the rowdy ruff boys come back so do all the other villains. What's more mojo enrolled them into school. I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS OR SERIES ;) oh and this is my first story hope you like it C: Please read da sequel! Arigato for the 1...

  • The Boys Are Back Z Story
    21.8K 836 26

    The Rowdies are back! Are they really here to start trouble though? I don't know, you don't know. Let's find out. Follow this story of the Rowdies and our now 16 puffs.

  • Bad Girls (Powerpuff Girls Fan Fiction) Discontinued
    13.1K 367 10

    *Discontinued* The Rowdyruff boys and the Powerpuff girls became the closest of friends over time. The RRBZ even became part of the good guys! However, there was an incident that cost the PPGZ their lives. 3 years have passed since then and the RRBZ are now 16 years old. They have promised to protect Townsville from a...

  • Silent Sadness
    36.5K 1.3K 25

    When blossom loses her voice by saving her sisters lives, how does she cope? Then the professor leaves them because of her and dealing with a boy gang trying to get in her pants everyday. She hates life but to make it worse a red eyed boy, brick, comes into her life claiming that he owns her. Does she end it all or st...

  • blossoms seceret
    2.8K 94 13

    blossom grasellda utonium has always wanted to dance until a tragedy occurs and blossom and her brother. are separate and professor being the overprotective father he is won't let her dance on the street with her brother to fill her dreams. but now miss goodies two shoes has found a secret way to dance the street wit...

  • PPGZ Romance
    13.4K 461 14

  • A Summer To Remember [Edited]
    27.5K 1.3K 24

  • Loving your enemies (A Powerpuff love story)
    16.7K 416 7

    The girls are having a normal day at school, when their compacts start ringing. They transform and fly over the city, meeting the troublemakers. Enter the Rowdyruff boys! The girls corner each one and then the unthinkable happens. The next day, the boys appear in the Powerpuff girls school. What will happen?

  • The boys are back
    44.6K 1.3K 46

    After 6 years the rrbz return to marry the ppgz but will the girls fight back or fall in love read to find out... I don't own the ppgz, Bunny or the rrbz

    Completed   Mature