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  • Forgotten Pup
    57.3K 3.6K 28

    Alaska was born in to the world of power. She is the alpha male's daughter, but was unwanted. She decided to leave camp and runs into the pack's enemy, Max. Max knows how Alaska feels because he can hear what everyone says inside Alaska's pack. Max and Alaska go back to the camp after discovering Alaska's werehuman si...

  • Eaten Alive ✓ [Completed]
    69K 4.3K 52

    Highest Rank In Horror - #7 The horrific zombie apocalypse breaks out! Alfie finds himself with two people that he has only just met as the world begins to slowly end. No body knows the truth of how anything has happened and Alfie is determined to find out. Will he be able to? Read as we follow Alfie become a fighte...