EKShortstories's Reading List

  • REX [WattyAwards2015]
    • EKShortstories
    • 24 parts
    923 90

    Jack Anthony and Nigel Wilde are unexpectedly given the responsibility to raise a dog. And not just any dog. But Satan's. It all starts off cute when the...

    • EKShortstories
    • 28 parts
    2.3K 113

    It's all fun and games and pains and gains, but what's the effect?  Since Fifty Shades of Grey and the One Direction fanfiction AFTER, the media has portrayed...

  • trace ev-id-ence
    • EKShortstories
    • 9 parts
    • Updated 7 months ago
    3K 82

    The Cutter. A notorious murderer and drug dealer has stayed hidden from the Law by masquerading under aliases and directing his criminal plans through willing...

  • The Little Boy Soldier [WattyAwards2014]
    • EKShortstories
    • 11 parts
    2.6K 108

    Matthew Higgins and his loyal dog embark on a journey to find his missing sister, who was tragically abducted on Christmas Eve. Determined to rescue her, the...

  • The Cop
    • EKShortstories
    • 1 part
    301 12

    A police officer goes into a drug lord's house in search of missing girls. Date created: September 4, 2012

  • Inachevé
    • EKShortstories
    • 41 parts
    • Updated 8 months ago
    1.2K 114

    A collection of uncompleted, unedited stories written by E. K. Sloyer between the years 2011 - to present. They will all contain of prologues or first chapter...