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  • Quinn's Downfall
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    Quinn's parent leave him alone... And ripe for the using

    Completed   Mature
  • A Slave and His Mistress
    8.8K 100 4

    "You know why you wear a collar?" She pulled my collar so I looked up at her. "To show that you're mine. You belong to me, not those bitches at school, but to me. And me only." Noella had let go of my collar, and grabbed the whip. ~~~ Zander is just a college student, 20 years old, and into the kinky life style, also...

  • Safe and Secure
    315K 13.5K 27

    Welcome to Ravenwood Institute. A school for Dominants and submissives to find their perfect partner and learn about the lifestyle. Damian Leigh is not so lucky, though. His lack of sight makes that none of the Dominants are interested in him. Until... #391 in Romance (18 July 2018) #30 in boyxboy (17 September 2018) ...

  • Strap-On Corporation
    49.9K 339 5

    Warning: The following is a sexually explicit story intended for mature audiences. If you are offended by stories of such nature, do not read it. All characters are fictional and not intended to resemble any real people. Comments welcomed (especially constructive comments that I can use to improve).

    Completed   Mature
  • She saved me (FxM BDSM content) on hold
    69.6K 800 6

    I was almost done. I laid across my roof, staring at the stars as I twirled the knife in my hand. I had left a note written for my parents to see when the got home from work in the morning. They needed to know none of this was my fault and that I loved them. I didn't want them to blame themselves. I called my friends...

  • Empress
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    "Position 9." Tap tap tap. My pumps are black. My hair is full of volume. My face is flawlessly pampered and my skin is clear of blemishes and dark spots. I am wearing a black leather corset and I'm rocking it like the bitch I am. In front of me lie the 7 most perfect beings a woman could ask for, all kneeling at my f...