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  • Angel Blood
    1.4K 84 15

    Chase Castel has no trouble being a believer in angels; it's hard not to be, seeing as he faces them nearly every day, and twice as often for their counterparts: the demons. Having been unable to complete even his first year in college, he decided to put his ability to see them to good use: hunting them and sending th...

  • The Indentured Mistress of a 'Human'
    1.4M 14.4K 43

    Number 31 was bought immediately at the first auction by a guy named Nathan Walker, an 18 year old royal in need of a mistress. And so Number 31 was offered the chance at freedom on one of the "indenture" reserves; but at a horrible price. She must convince the political world that she is one of the "humans" and marry...

  • The Achromatic
    537 16 2

    Cullor. A magic beyond imagination. A magic powerful, feared and versatile. Nobody knows how it got here, to the great city of Campun, but if you walked its streets not two hundred years ago, you would have seen human and Cullor living together, loving together. The Achromatic decided that Cullor was unstable and clai...

  • Mute
    89.6K 3.1K 8

    Music:ON World:OFF Welcome to Syrus. Please pick up your complimentary pair of headphones at the gates. Plug them into your mandatory devices and skip to track four. Listen and enjoy. Cor's world is filled with notes and pitch and tone. Twenty three hours of the day she is hooked to the music mandated by the Serial Se...

  • Scary Cerulens
    361 40 2

    A fantasy about the quarrels of two different races. One is attuned to the light and has the power of creation, the other shrouds themselves in darkness and thrive on absorbing other forms of life. Zae, a coming-of-age Cerulen, has just completed his Rite of Passage. Upon gaining his powers, he is forced to do somethi...

  • The Clock is ticking
    22 3 2

    After a terrifying bomb assassination, thirteen year-old Willow wakes up with a disfigured face. Although she'd have to die, she is still alive and left with a few other survivors. News achieve them that the politicians are trying to cover the incident and that no one—not even Willow's own family—knows that she is sti...

  • Lifelines
    4.9K 214 2

    In a futuristic society ruled by an elite breed of humanity known as the Wardens, assisted by their empathic Counselors, Kit Charlet is a Warden at the beginning of her days as a ruler, struggling to come to terms with her new rank, her heightened abilities, and her need for a Counselor. And just when she has become s...

  • Crepuscular
    16.9K 721 21

    Samara has become stuck in a castle that exists outside the flow of time itself, filled with inhabitants all escaping their past, all but one. In order to be allowed to leave and continue on the journey to save her cousin, she must "heal the heart of the castle" and bring the people back into the flow of time. A slig...

  • My Wattpad Love✔️
    48.8M 1.5M 34

    Julie has always been the shy type. Her world changes when she finds wattpad, a very popular ebook community. She becomes addicted to it and even starts posting her own stories. But are friends, fans and votes all she will get from this site? Or is it possible to find love as well?

  • The Life of a College Student. (DISCONTINUED)
    863K 13.5K 21

    A somewhat normal college student decides to stay in a house with six other students: Leon the dramatic pretty boy. Minnie the extreme couponing Philosophy major. Kayla the fashion diva who drinks way too much Starbucks. Ricardo the mature Psychology major. JC the dancing maniac with too cute dimples. Then finally Cha...

  • Sneaky Tricks for Snagging Dates and Meeting People
    2K 61 1

    Okay... you're 5 feet tall, weigh three hundred and ninety pounds, have a flat head, a hunchback, and your dog won't play with you unless you've got food. Is there any hope? Damned straight there is. Just take Uncle John's advice and you'll be breathing heavy in the back seat of a late model crew-cab pickup truck in n...

  • Truth
    390 15 13

    If the truth had a price today, it would be the most valuable thing in the world. That’s how bad things are. The Government. Definition: A monarchy of professional liars and secret keepers of the highest degree, desperate to keep their power intact. The Three Ts are ready to expose one of the best kept secrets of thei...

  • | 2.0 | My Possessive CEO
    16M 314K 37

    "Mine." Christian's grip tightened on my arm, making me squirm. He glared down at me, as if daring me to defy him again. I took a deep breath, trying to control my racing pulse. I knew what he said was true, but was too proud to admit it. I was, indeed, his.

    Completed   Mature
    1.1M 1.2K 10

    Rowan Platts is addicted to success. When she's presented with the chance to work on a top secret project fronted by her idol, renowned virologist Dr. Margot Miller, Rowan signs her life away without second thought. The realization she's gotten in over her head comes only after the subject of their study is revealed:...

    Completed   Mature
  • Slenderman Slayers
    29.4K 802 51

    Everyone's heard of the Slenderman. "He" even has his own video game. But if there's evidence leading to it's existence dating back to before the Sphinx was created, why is it only now becoming noticed? Who's hidden him from the rest of the world? Who's kept the human race safe from such a creature? Ares, Blaze and P...

  • Chaos
    436K 13K 37

    The Agents. A secret society that kidnapps, tortures, and experiments on shifters. The Shifters. Trying to live life before the fey decided to tell the world about their existance. Trying to make a safer world for their children in the chaos. Chaos. Chaos? Well, no body actually knows who she is. What her motives are...

  • The Boy Who Called Me Songbird
    13.1K 221 25

    Hello there! My name is Willow. I'm almost 16 years old and if Jon Lennon and Avril Lavigne got together and created a musical child, that would be me! My mom and Aunt Wisty sent me to a summer camp for the first time ever. It's this place for teens with musical talent called Camp Blue Jeans and it seems really cool h...

  • What If the Tributes had Facebook...?
    64.1K 1K 55

    What would happen if SCandGG’s Hunger Games characters had Facebooks, you ask? Well, we have an answer for you: it would be weird. We present to you ‘What if the Tributes had Facebook…?’, a comedic fanfiction of our own fanfiction. In order to understand the (weirdness) complexity of the characters, please read ‘Behin...

  • How Boys Speak
    1.1M 56.2K 18

    Let’s just say that this is a collection of prank calls, one night stand confessions as well as personal text and Facebook messages. These are 5 random, weird guys all writing true extracts just in the name of entertainment!

  • Original Gangster
    27.6K 260 15

    I felt so weak and I hated it. I had to be strong. that way i could live just a little longer. I was afraid of my fate. I knew it would come or sooner or later but I never thought it would be like this. I had to remember how I let it find me. That way the night will go slower. If I had to die- I'll die but I won't go...

  • Enter Rou
    296 0 5

    Rou (said like 'roo') is a 16 year old girl, who's just moved to Sheffield when she stumbles across one of the guys in her area and soon becomes friends with him. This isn't a fanfic BUT contains lots of band references from the likes of Enter Shikari, Bring Me The Horizon, The Blackout, etc.

  • The Silent (Discontinued for now)
    2.4K 89 4

    After a team of scientists suddenly disappear while searching in space for a 'super massive object', another team is sent to search for evidence as to what happened. But the when the team's ship starts to get pulled by an unknown force towards an unknown object, things start to go awry. They wake up on the ground of w...

  • The Last Virgin Standing
    71.3M 1.9M 50

    (COMPLETED) Charlotte Summers is the last virgin in her school; a school where taking virginity is a sport. The sport has five main contenders: Tyler Bradshaw, the mysterious bad boy; Alec Jennings, the all-star athlete; Ian Jameson, the cocky rich guy; Beckett Cartwright, the renowned genius; and Lucas Chandler, her...

  • Musically Gifted? Well, I Used to Play the Recorder...
    1M 36.4K 23

    "Remind me again why I thought spending six weeks with a bunch of hyperactive, sweaty and supposedly 'musically gifted' kids was a good idea?" Bailey Cunningham has gone and taken the plunge - she's not only signed up for the job of a camp counselor at Triple Lakes Camp for Musically Gifted Children, but she's roped...

  • Being a Rockstar Sucks
    3.2M 30K 51

    Jace is the lead singer to Silver Snakebites and he hates it. He used to love it, until girls began loving their looks and not their music. One night in a concert at Las Vegas he meets Serenity, a girl who treats him like crap and he loves it. Serenity is a senior in highschool and loves screamo. She ends up being...

  • W.A.T.E.R.
    968 38 3

    In a world that has run out of water, an infamous corporation harvests H20 from humans and sells to the highest bidders.

  • The Experiment of Dr. X
    6.3K 140 12

    Emma was a normal girl, until one day she woke up in the care of the mysterious Dr. X and his assistant Dr. Y. She discovered that she and her extremely attractive companion Damian were part of a top secret experiment; they were to become superhuman. With new and developing powers and a shadowy enemy lurking just out...

  • Project GODS
    71.9K 1.9K 36

    GODS, a scientific branch of the US Department of Defense, has done it. They have genetically engineered the perfect agents. Better, faster, smarter, and stronger than regular humans, these "Gods" are the best any official could ask for. But when someone takes it too far, can Artemis, the sole member with her sanity i...

  • Quoth the Raven
    2.5K 95 1

    A steampunk short set in an alternative London. The Tower: a rock around which swirls a broken Empire, where Cloud Pirates rules the skies in their cloudships and power is all. Led by Tower Commander Denalta, can Trooper Seth and his fellow Guards survive, and will the weapons supplied by the enigmatic Raven give them...