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  • 52 WEEKS✔
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    A lost childhood, A chaotic present, A set of parents who needs to get a taste of their own medicine, And a journey to redemption, severing old ties and creating new ones. A journey of 52 weeks that portrays the strength of a United family and a girl who vowed to never give up even though she has every reason to.

  • Untainted Desires ✔
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    ~BOOK 3 IN THE DESIRES SERIES~ STARTED. ON 20-JANUARY-2021 FINISHED. ON 15-OCTOBER-2021 #1 in mothers. On. 7-08-2021 #1 in introvert. On 16-06-2021 #4 in projectnigeria on 19-06-2021 #8 in familyconflict on 4-06-2021 #20 in desires. On 21-3-2021 #1 in Arewa. On 11-09-2021 #8 in...

  • Behind A Smile ✔
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    On the verge of tears, she smiled. ~~~~~ "I have noticed a thing about you; you don't like being treated like a lady. You prefer being treated with force - like an animal. Am I wrong?" He smirked. That is because I am already used to it - she thought. ~~~~~ Read the story of Bilal, an abusive husband and Zynah, an ec...

  • His Royal Bodyguard
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    In all my life of training and working, I have never met a man more arrogant than Haider Jega, A rude prince and medical doctor who I was given to by my boss as his bodyguard. Yeah I'm a girl, Lailah DK.

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    DEREK'S FIGHT...for love -DEREK'S MATCH sequel... I miss her more every day. I remember everything about her. Her eyes, the way her wavy brown hair felt in between my fingers; I remember the perfect shape of her lips-the way they tugged whenever she smiled. I remember each curve of her body and the smell of her skin-t...

    Completed   Mature
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    His words repeat in my head. I feel that I could really love you, Rachel. That's just not something normal to say. You don't tell people that you could love them. People usually just say 'I love you' when they're already in love with the person, like Victor said to me that night weeks ago. Nick's words almost sounde...

    Completed   Mature
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    "I'll call you Gin, like your drink." Savannah Garcia regrets moving to New York. What was she thinking? Culinary school seemed like a good idea six months ago when she made the decision but it's tough to be in a big city with endless bills to pay. She misses the beach back in Newport. She misses her parents and her...

    2.7M 115K 59

    "I don't know why but every time I'm around you, all I want to do is grab you and kiss you." When Josh Andrews finds himself falling for his brother's girlfriend he puts time and distance in between to shut off whatever the hell he is feeling for her. There's nothing time can't make people forget and nothing distance...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Runaway Wife [UNEDITED]
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    "What a disappointment it's going to be for all of them to learn you are married." He looked up at me. "Rebecca-I didn't tell them-" "Stop." I smiled. "I get it, Damian, you don't have to explain it to me." I paused. "I just don't know if it was a good idea to tell them I'm your wife when..." I trailed off. When we do...

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    "You want to control everything." I tell Colton. He leans across the table and whispers softly,"I should have mentioned- I could be very protective. . . especially over the woman who's carrying my baby." I blink. Then blink again. I don't know how to respond to that. If we were married and expecting, then it would be...

  • HEELS ✅
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    UNDER EDITING. COPY RIGHT 2020 { 1 on #Heels 1 on #wattpadbanters 3 on #nigerian 1 on #fulani 5 on #bosslady} Under estimated or rather just not seen fit to be successful as an Arewa young lady. And here is the irony, I was okay with the simple life I had until I was tossed into the world of Games of Cash where misc...

  • Until I Bleed Out | ✓
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    He wasn't always like this... was he? Was it a specific moment that led to where we are today? Was I too blind to see through his façade? Was I blind enough to overlook his sociopathic, sadistic tendencies? No answers, I have no answers. But it doesn't matter anymore. Neither of us are the same people we once wer...

    Completed   Mature
  • Forbidden Desire. | ✓
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    Sahara Akbar is a happy-go-lucky, naïve 19 year old Muslim girl, raised with high morals and ethics. She tries her best every single day to practice her religion as well as she can in order to reach the highest form of her spiritual life. But there are times she gets sidetracked, like when she gets late for Nama'az be...

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  • My Fate In Good Faith.
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    At mid twenties, Salma moved with an aura of a dignified conduct and self integrity. She had built around herself beautiful walls where she was sorrounded by a great family, a job she loved, few amazing friends and a super cool boyfriend. Her life was good and she couldn't ask for more. Everything came crashing down w...

  • Delusions of the Innocent | ✓
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    Amara Mahmoud is a 20-year-old, Muslim girl who is in her fourth year of undergraduate studies. She has a loving family and the most amazing best friends someone could ask for. She's quiet, but can stand her ground. She's trying to navigate her way through this western world, while trying to keep her love for her reli...

  • I'm Not The Girl You Used To Know
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    Can you imagine if your parents get divorced and they send you to boarding school?Linda manages to survive through her high school but she is a different person before her parents divorce. After graduation, she got accepted to a college at a town where her brother lives and his best friend. Brian can't believe the dra...

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    SHAHZAIB IQBAL ASHFOUR AND HUDYAN SOHAIL BAZ in the short and romantic journey of THE TABO0 NIGHT why wont this loving husband of Hudyan get intimate with her?and what really happened in the night of TABOO?even after being a woman,a billionaire who rules her fathers business,grown as the one and only and a spoiled bra...

    Completed   Mature