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  • However Long the Night
    3.9K 757 27

    He predicts death. She lives on the brink. Can he save her before it's too late? ***HIGHEST RANKINGS #1 speculative #1 clairvoyant #1 youngadultthriller Will Brody has a morbid secret. With just one look he can predict how many close calls a person has before they die. Unfortunately, his second sight is flawed. Wi...

  • Nomvula
    131K 8.7K 62

    A pacifist queen with a bloody past and a dark god trapped inside her must decide between going to war or watching her allies join her enemies against her. ***** When Queen Nomvula, a pacifist with a bloody past, is threatened with war by a reckless...

  • The Skylar Experiment : Beginnings
    9.5K 1.1K 49

    ---Book of the Month 2018 winner in the sci-fi category from awardofthemonth2018--- ---1st place winner in teen fic Writer's Circle Awards by concinnitycircle--- A/N: This book is action-packed with a sprinkle of mystery all wrapped in a science-fiction teen drama! I know. It's quite a mouthful. Cue the summary! *** S...

  • Storms on Land
    410 52 11

    For over 100 years, humans were the superior species. Elves and mages were slaves and dwarves hid in the northern mountains. A war is ongoing, the Unchained are trying to make the world a free place and for Annika, it is too good to be true. Now free, she finds her way back to the home of the Unchained, Tria. Elias K...

    1.1K 89 4

    [WATTY'S LONGLIST] A man visiting Brazil is tormented by a mysterious woman.

  • Beneath The Water (Complete)
    7.1K 836 57

    In a flash of light, the world Leena once knew disappeared. She no longer found herself surrounded by magical Elves, Dwarves, and Mermaids, but instead Humans in a technology-driven world. A year and a half later, Leena has just started adapting to her new world before it all starts to change when Detective Ethan Kan...

  • The Revelation
    165 6 1

    What if your life had a missing puzzle piece, but you didn't even realise a piece was lost? There was just this feeling of incompleteness. Of unrest. Follow Emma, a recovering alcoholic, as she unearths a difficult discovery.

  • Edit like an Editor: A Wattpad Featured Guide ✔
    151K 9.6K 111

    *A WATTPAD FEATURED GUIDE* *Highest Ranking #5 in Non-Fiction's HOT List* *Ranked #1 in #how-to, #1 in #editor, #1 in #publishing, and #1 in #grammar* • Do you find yourself with too many typos? • Do grammar and spelling tools not always find your slip-ups? • Is English grammar just not your thing? • Are you a victim...

  • Beyond Forgiveness
    30.7K 2K 96

    The most wanted theives in the kingdom find themselves facing a king's wrath after the ambitious Harper takes on an assignment her long-time partner, Huxley, doubts they can handle. When the mission goes awry, separating the unbeatable team of thieves, Harper struggles to stay alive, all the while being forced to work...

  • The Hero and the Fugitive
    2.9K 248 41

    Ethan, a young sorcerer living in a land where magic has been banned, struggles to escape to the Northern Realm, a place where he can at last be free of the Knights - or as the Northerners would call them: slayers. In the Kingdom of Mardon, the Knights are employed by the King to eradicate sorcery at all costs, which...

  • Fire Flower
    45.6K 1.4K 41

    Magdalena was aimless with nothing to show for herself except a University degree, until a deathbed request from her grandmother completely changed her circumstances. She finds herself forced into a journey to learn about her family's past and so much more about her own abilities.