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  • dynamite | taekook
    407K 25.9K 39

    一 he is a bad bitch, made up of magic. ﹏ 𝐭𝐨𝐩!𝐤𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐛𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐨𝐦!𝐭𝐚𝐞 [completed]

  • the DEVIL [JJK+KTH]
    311K 22.3K 66

    [Book 1 + Book 2 included] Taehyung certainly had a lot to do as a Detective but summoning the Devil with a sandwich was definitely not a part of his daily schedule. ______ [ON GOING] ______ A taekook fanfiction. [Important: Inspired by the Netflix show, 'Lucifer'. The character line description is more or less the sa...

  • The Switch ( vkook )
    21.6K 1.4K 14

    [Completed] Taehyung and Jungkook are married as per their grandmothers' wishes. The two can barely stand each other and have no interest in each other's lives. Thus leaving them isolated with their own inner battles and secrets. One fateful night after an argument and some herbal tea in a mysterious Café, Jungkook an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stuck With Him || ᴋᴠ✓
    75.9K 6.5K 33

    BOOK I of the 'With Him' series Jeon Jeongguk and Kim Taehyung are in that typical sworn enmity, in which a brassy, yet quite grumpy boy, is continually vexed by a handsome faced moron. In other words, they practically could never have a proper conversation. Yet, when an uncalled disaster in the middle of the seas, fo...

    Completed   Mature
  • ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ ʙʟᴏꜱꜱᴏᴍꜱ • ᴛᴀᴇᴋᴏᴏᴋ 【✓】
    90.9K 8.1K 33

    A story in which a highschool teenager Jungkook falls in love with a church boy, Taehyung, during Cherry blossoms. Jungkook, an ordinary teenager trapped inside the bubble of introversy discovers love for the first time with Taehyung who is meant to serve God and help people. Taehyung taught him how to love, the one...

  • 911 | VKOOK
    246K 23.4K 28

    A skilled hacker, who's sicklily obsessed with the 911 dispatcher. "911, what's your emergency?" "If you dare to put another duck tape on your webcam, I have your family information and you don't want to see some delivery boy parceling one of your family member's organs to you. Do you, bunny?" whispers a very dark voi...

    Completed   Mature
    929K 69.2K 37

    Age is just a number and when did love ever have any boundaries? © Bangtanlover95

    Completed   Mature
  • down where it's wetter | KOOKV
    74.2K 5.1K 25

    "How do mermaids have sex?" "Gguk what the actual fuc-" "Do you just dry hump? Oh wait you're under the sea so it's wet hump-" "Just shut the fuck up please." in which tae is a mermaid,, and gguk is a scientist,, and tae was captured,, ♡completed♡

    Completed   Mature
  • church camp [taekook 18+]
    506K 30.6K 33

    for a camp dedicated to the word of God, there's an awful lot of sinning taking place in room 215. top! taehyung bottom! jungkook [will include mature themes - mainly smut]

    Completed   Mature
  • Roommates | [kth.jjk]
    441K 23.4K 47

    Ex best friends Jungkook and Taehyung are fatefully paired together to share a room for four weeks on a school trip. Will the two be able to rekindle their old friendship? Or maybe admit to more than missing each other?

    Completed   Mature
  • Myth | TaeKook/VKook - (Werewolf) [COMPLETED] ✔️
    623K 35.1K 49

    "What are you doing here? Do I know you?", Jungkook rose a brow, sassing on his mate. Taehyung immediately hover above him, hands appreciating his curve while his lips were only an inch apart. "I'm your fellow pack member your highness", his lips ghost around younger's. "And I found you quite irresistible. Wanna have...

    Completed   Mature
    1M 35.5K 43

    [Completed] Where Jeon Jungkook is the king of mafia world and Kim Taehyung happens to be a cute young boy living with his elder brother Kim Seokjin... Top Jungkook Bottom Taehyung (Maybe a switch) Mature content. (The fanarts or gifs used aren't mine. Credits to the rightful editors. Also, trigger warnings, there a...

    Completed   Mature
    84.7K 9.8K 27

    obticeō - "I am silent." Everyone had a Shadow but, somehow, Taehyung's Shadow was a little bit different than others. His Shadow didn't look like his own body silhouette reflected on the ground in the absence of light. It came under the manifestation of a hooded man with red painting marks on his face and golden da...

    Completed   Mature
  • Promise ♡Taekook♡ 《Complete》
    503K 9.7K 12

    Kim Taehyung bullies the school's golden boy because he hates how perfect his life is.But what will happen when he finds out that the younger is everything but perfect.Will he able to save Jeon Jungkook from his misery. (Taekook au) ☝️🐯👇🐰

    Completed   Mature
  • Vengeance || Taekook
    3M 198K 73

    • Wattpad Offical Fanfic • Featured in the "K-pop & J-pop - Asian Waves" reading list on the official wattpad fanfic account since the 30th of march 2021 • Featured in the "HYBE" reading list on the official Wattpad Kpop account since the 4th of October 2021 "What are you doing?" "I'm getting the hell out of here." ~ ...

  • Slipstream || Taekook
    882K 58K 50

    "I'm pretty sure this is illegal, right?" "Yeah, but that's the fun part of it babe." ~ In which the beautiful but not so adventurous Kim Taehyung gets cheated on by his boyfriend and meets the schools bad boy Jeon Jungkook, a boy that doesn't care for the rules all that much and is willing to show Taehyung a whole di...

  • One-Eighty || Taekook
    996K 69.6K 64

    "Can't you be nice?" "Are you trying to make me laugh Kim?" ~ In which Taehyung, a new and hardworking lawyer, gets the case of his lifetime but pretty quickly finds out why nobody else wanted to take the case of the countries most dangerous gangleader who has no desire to help Taehyung at all. ~Complete~

  • Missing || yoonmin
    679K 45.6K 54

    In which Jimin has gone missing but is actually a ghost that only Yoongi can see.

  • Fast draw 🎯 Vkook Mafia
    1.3M 72.2K 63

    "You either spill the name Jeon, or I blast yo funny fuckin' head this very moment," , the chunky suited police officer threatened the most feared mafia boss in the country with a gun pressed to his forehead. Jeon Jeongguk only smirked in return. "Seeing how desperate you are... with all the killings happening around...

  • Still With You 【ᴛᴀᴇᴋᴏᴏᴋ ʀᴇɪɴᴄᴀʀɴᴀᴛɪᴏɴ ꜱᴛᴏʀʏ】 [✓]
    396K 32.2K 30

    Taekook in a historical royal AU & Urban idol-bodyguard AU Warrior Jungkook and Prince Taehyung were forbidden to love but they couldn't help and ended up knotting the strings of their hearts together in an unbreakable bond, making them drown in each other's immense love which eventually cost them their lives. They ha...

    Completed   Mature