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    185K 16.8K 87

    The story featuring our beloved on-screen pair, the two super cops of Lucknow women police station Haseena Malik and Karishma Singh.

  • Bestfriends
    22.2K 1.8K 16

    *will see Karishma singh's weaker side *this story is not connected to any of my other stories

  • Madamsir: Humari Dosti
    77.9K 6.6K 56

    story on Haseena & Karishma, &n their friendship, who they are now separated for some misunderstanding, but they meet after long time, in MPT.. will they end their friendship come again on same track they used to do in past..

  • The hidden Karishma
    4.6K 405 6

    What if KS is the one who has joined MPT newly, not HM; and what if she has a mysterious personality hiding her past, a past full of dark and sad memories. And what if all the MPT will go the extra mile to seek the real Karishma. For all the Karishma fans, here I have a story totally dedicated to her. NOTE- KS is not...

  • Anokhi dosti apni - Maddam Sir
    98K 8.4K 76

    it's a fan fiction story based on the TV show Maddam Sir. It focuses mainly on sweet and sour FRIENDSHIP of Haseena and Karishma.

  • Mere Liye Tum Kaafi Ho
    40.9K 4.1K 38

    My very first story. A fanfiction based on kareena friendship. Most parts will be dedicated to kareena, anuseena will be added latter. Two souls separated by ideologies, united by their past. Both of them have one common thing, their past which is constant source of pain in their lives. To know more peep in 😉😉

  • Past BFFs- KarEena😍
    74.7K 6.6K 54

    this story says abt the past connection of Karishma and Haseena Their thick bond in the past and separation caused by a mere misunderstanding and how they meet after years in MPT. This story contains the nok-jok between Kareena, their love and concern for each other

    233K 18.6K 100

    Despite being completely different from each other, the love they hide has no bounds which makes them go any limits for each other. Story of two brave female police officers having controversies in their ideologies and ways of taking things

  • SS: Maddam Sir: If They Were Sister's
    80.4K 8K 62

    pure fiction.. it's only relation between two sister's who always being opposite for everything, one is sensible & other one being brat one, one loves emotion & other one loves actions, & they gonna work together at MPT, will MPT survive by their nok-jhoks..