• winter barries
    • InaHummel
    • 9 parts
    320 7

    Percilla is 9 years old family all gone and lives alone. then father mcgill come with a stern strict women and her world and life will change forever. will she...

  • X-Men Evolution: Bio-Hazard (being Rewritten!)
    • StormFireGirl
    • 12 parts

    Sometimes life takes an unexpected twist. That's what happened to Amanda-Jacklyn (or A.J. as she's called). One minute she was another human, the next a mutant...

  • Chaotic
    • Mikari
    • 1 part

    Pokemon - Delia visited Giovanni and told him they had a ten year old son. Naturally, he was curious about the boy and found out exactly how difficult it is to...