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  • LIB
    9.6M 124K 37

    After losing her parents in a drunk driving accident, Hailey Baker moves in with her wealthy and eccentric uncle. After seven months of recovery, she still has trouble with her back and is sometimes confined to a wheelchair. But she is determined to live a normal life. When she starts at a new school, she meets Blake...

  • Well, This Is Awkward ➵ Lashton AU
    1.7M 83.9K 38

    Ashton is Harry and Louis' son, Luke is Perrie and Zayn's, and somehow they fall in love creating a very awkward, and also interesting twist in the story. © 2014, Angie (larry_lashton), All rights reserved

  • Amnesia [Lashton] Sequel to YDHMC
    241K 14.8K 53

    "Hey, Ash. You don't remember me. I'm your boyfriend, Luke. We're in a band, with our best mates, Calum and Michael. You... uh, well you're suicidal. That's what got you in here. You tried to kill yourself. But you don't remember that either, do you? Huh, the doctor says you might never remember these things. Ever. I...

  • 100 scars
    108K 7.7K 40

    Harry tells Louis about each story about each scar on his body. © 2014 honeymoan

  • We're Our OTP ► Lashton AU
    1.6M 87.5K 38

    Where Ashton and Luke make a YouTube channel together and eventually fall in love after they do challenges, tags, and Vlogs. © 2014, Angie (larry_lashton), All rights reserved

  • How To Save A Life (Larry Stylinson)
    808K 37.3K 17

    "Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend Somewhere along in the bitterness And I would have stayed up with you all night Had I known how to save a life" Harry Styles may seem like the happiest boy. Fame, fortune, and all the girls he could want. But behind hidden doors, he's broken. He's broken on the inside and no a...

  • 5SOS Text Messages |book #2|
    435K 27K 141

    The funny, sad, and straight up weird text messages sent by 5 Seconds of Summer return! **boyxboy** italian translation: @xashuts all rights reserved. copyright © 2015 | radioactive-pizza

  • 5SOS Text Messages |bromances| ✓
    2M 67.5K 207

    Just a collection of all the 5sos text messages all rights reserved. copyright © 2014 | radioactive-pizza

    Completed   Mature
  • He Loves Me... Not? || Jaspar Fanfic (Caspar lee x Joe Sugg)
    1.5M 43.2K 59

    "Friends can cuddle, right?" I asked, inching closer to Joe. "Yeah." Joe said, opening one eye adorably to look at me. "They can kiss too?" I whispered, his scent alone sending chills up my spine.

  • Where did you go
    1.3K 110 27

    Larry. It's my first fic so let me know what you think, ya? Louis is 16 and Harry is 19. Louis is hiding something and Harry doesn't like it. But oh boy, everything changes, and Louis's world comes crashing down as tragedy strikes......again Self harm, so trigger warning. Also a lot of smut later on

  • Oops! Hi ∞ Lashton AU
    1.1M 56.1K 33

    Where Luke and Ashton both love One Direction, both ship Larry, and both think Louis tops. And somewhere between the fanboying, late night chats and calls, they fall in love at the words 'Oops' and 'Hi', just like Larry. © 2014, Angie (larry_lashton), All rights reserved

  • Begin Again
    6.3K 631 26

    "All love ever does is break, and burn, and end" Taylor has given up on love. After being hurt too many times she decides it's not worth it. Until Harry comes along

  • You Don't Hear My Cries - Lashton
    718K 35.5K 66

    Ashton's life has turned upside down. He's fallen in love with his best friend, and his depression's started up again, but now it's even worse than ever. Ashton becomes really good at hiding his feelings, but is hiding them really a good decision?

  • Co-Captains (Larry Stylinson)
    1.3M 53.5K 31

    Harry and louis were co-captains, problem was they couldn't stand each other. They played well together, but only where football was concerned.

    Completed   Mature
  • Friendzoned [Lashton AU]
    2M 71.3K 35

    After school ended, Michael and Calum wanted to go to Disney World before they started College. Luke and Ashton always dreamed of going together and so they decided to raise money by babysitting together for a couple families. But somewhere along all the babysitting, birthday parties, time being spent together Luke ha...

  • Good To Go (Sweeran)
    140K 4K 65

    "Love but don't fall in love, because everything that falls gets broken" For Taylor, love has never come easy but when her relationship with One Direction's heart-throb Harry Styles starts spiraling downwards into a mess of abuse and alcohol, she keeps her lips sealed in fear. When Ed notices that something isn't q...

  • reflections - lashton
    166K 9.9K 52

    "destiny is overrated, so i think i'll write my own." // copyright 2014 © meekle

    Completed   Mature
  • Dear Deer Dongsaeng (SNSD Fanfic) - 'MY Sister In SNSD' Sequel
    28.4K 726 12

    After witnessing the arrival of Stefan, all the members are jealous of Tiffany, even though some of them (Yuri, Jessica, Yoona, Sooyoung) have siblings themselves. Yoona wishes to have a younger sibling the most amongst the members. Elsewhere in Seoul, Yoonhee, an 18-year old student, is a fan of Lee Seunggi, the you...

  • Switching Styles (Larry Stylinson)
    1.8M 95.2K 44

    Where Harry wakes up in Eleanor's body, and she wakes up in his. And maybe Harry has a huge crush on Louis, but problems occur with the band and he doesn't know how to work a tampon. © 2014, Angie (larry_lashton), All rights reserved

  • Not One of Them.
    6.5M 187K 33

    NEW REVISION OF THE CLASSIC STORY COMING SPRING 2018 TO AMAZON AND KINDLE! Elaina has been abused by her pack since she was six years old. Hiding her own secret reasons for the abuse, the alpha blood in her veins keeps her wolf fighting as her body deteriorates. Her pack cuts her, starves her, and beats her. She hon...

  • One Hell Of A Year * 1D & 5SOS * - IN EDITING
    1.8M 41.3K 70

    Somethings don't really go the way you plan it to. This year went a bit differently for Simon's niece, Aria. Adding 9 more important boys in her life, followed by some people from the past, things get.... Not so pretty. Love. Laughs. Tears. Arguements. She's been through hell and back, now it's time for round 2. It wa...