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    Do you need help on wattpad? Or need to know something immediately? Don't worry, KEEP CALM AND FIND OUT THINGS ABOUT WATTPAD IS RIGHT HERE! This is a convenient step by step detailed guide on wattpad. Everything you need to know is behind that orange button that says 'Start Reading'. But before you proceed, remember: ...

  • Animal Instinct
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    Kitty is a white tabby cat, she lives with her owner and her owners brother. Oh yeah, and Spot, the dumb dog. Her day was just like any other until her owner got a call after giving Kitty and Spot a bath.After that her world was turned upside down, she became a human, a weird human with cat ears and a cat tail. Her hu...

  • With Child.
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    Elizabeth is pregnant.

  • Crafting Your Best Story
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    Discover the craft of writing so that you can write your best story. Here are 26 tips to help you get unstuck. 2nd Edition. Hi Wattpadders! This is a new, improved and expanded version of Crafting Your Best Story. Half the book is uploaded here, but if you want to read the whole thing for free, just sign up for my Ell...

  • Children of the Ohana
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    Maybell Ghostshadow, Maeve McKay, Sara Kreig,Tim Pokladek, Kemoni Alexander, and Zeina Kila Mint are going on an adventure! Only this adventure is going to go bad, so terribly bad. Maeve, Sara, and Maybell have some odd talents, for they are Wicca. Don't pray for them. They've got it under control. Maybell: NO I DONT...

  • Dead and Alive
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    Blaze is a 14 year old girl living in a zombie apocalypse. When she spies civilization in her friend Snipers binoculars she goes to Commander for permission to go. Little did she know, she and her friends were sent to their supposed deaths. Can they survive on their own? Will Commander stop following them? I don't kno...