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  • Stark And The Spider
    4.4M 132K 68

    (Peter Parker X READER) Some say Tony Stark is a conceited, egotistical, narcissistic jerk. But they have never seen him with his daughter. No one has. And hopefully no one ever will. It isn't safe to be the daughter of a billionaire, especially not a billionaire super hero. So they kept her a secret. Until Peter Park...

  • Under the Mask
    156K 6.1K 21

    Dick Grayson was fed up with Batman, that's true, but he was also tired, tired of always being treated like a kid, tired of keeping secrets, tired of fighting his inappropriate feeling for his best friend, just tired. At sixteen Dick left Batman, and he also left the team, he wanted to be his own hero, work by himself...

  • Sleeping Ninjas
    126K 3.6K 5

    The Team have an interesting encounter with a sleeping Robin at Mount Justice. Interesting.........

  • Switched
    29K 1K 18

    What would happen if all the young justice members switched powers?

  • Reverse BatFam Trash
    190K 6.4K 101

    All in the title, Baby! Reverse batfam and other cute things for y'all. Literally the first thing I'm writing on here. It's excellent blackmail. Please appreciate the amazing stock photos I chose. This is mainly to entertain others while procrastinating on my homework. also, I don't own anything except a cat and...

  • Knight Wolf and Little Robin {Jason Todd}
    718K 24K 87

    Batman, Robin, and Knight Wolf... it had been that way for years. That is until Dick Grayson left in the night, leaving Bruce Wayne and Blair Wilde to protect Gotham by themselves. At least until Bruce showed up one night with a spikey haired boy fueled by rage and hate. Blair is forced to help train Jason to replace...

  • Behind The Mask • [YoungJustice/BatFamily] (SLOW UPDATES)
    77.4K 1.9K 5

    What if, on a mission, the criminal Red Hood was shot? What if he accidentally used the wrong zeta tube and ended up in Mount Justice instead of the Batcave? How would the team, and more importantly his brothers, react? And what if Batman finally decided it was time?

  • A New Life for Better or Worse {¶ Sleepy Bois Inc. ¶}
    319K 11.4K 92

    You had been running for 5 years, lived in too many houses. Then, one day you escape from your new foster home, like you had done many times before, but when you wake up you're somewhere completely different then where you had fallen asleep. As you looked around, you were introduced to new people, Technoblade, Philza...

  • SBI reader insert
    250K 8.6K 52

    just a normal reader insert, I mean its as normal as it can be when you're forced to fight in an arena at an early age. but that's besides the point.

  • Vigilante- Red Hood x FEM Reader- COMPLETED
    18.9K 475 14

    After the death of your boyfriend, Jason Todd, you wonder if he's still out there, somewhere. After being killed by the joker and being revived in the Lazarus pits, Jason Todd leaves his old life behind and fighting crime his way but wishing for his old life back with his girlfriend. This story contains language, I...

    Completed   Mature
  • Batmom & Batfamily Imagines [2]
    561K 12.9K 75

    Various of one-shots involving the Batfamily. Yep, I'm back with a book 2! I hope this can be better than the last one! DISCLAIMER: All DC related Characters are not mine. Art I used for the cover is not mine either! All credits go to the rightful owner(s)

  • whelmed
    331K 9.7K 25

    The team has a new mission... Protect Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Damian Wayne from a hunter... And from killing eachother rankings: #1 in birdflash #2 in kidflash #3 in missmartian #5 in batman

  • ✿Hesitation✿//DreamX(fem)Reader fanfic
    143K 3.5K 44

    "Gosh Dream if only while we play minecraft, u simp for me like in school" You said thru the discord call as you punched the green blob standing in your screen - - hihi this is my first ever fanfic so its definitely not that good but i hope you enjoy! cover art is not mine A/N there will be some swearing but ill *try*...