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  • Cross my heart - Tommy Shelby
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    "Well that wasn't very lady like was it?" • "Well it's a good fucking thing that Small Heath doesn't raise good ladies, 'ey Mr Shelby?" Tommy Shelby x OC Originally posted on my tumblr: @fuckingthefictional

    Completed   Mature
  • Peaky Blinders | Preferences and imagines
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    Include the following characters: Alfie Solomons Thomas Shelby Arthur Shelby John Shelby Micheal Gray Aberama Gold Bonnie Gold Finn Shelby Isaiah Shelby Freddie Shelby If you want me to add another character, just ask me and I will definitely add them! I will also do a 'catch up' for them, so you still have every...

  • Bruised
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    Running. Ugh. How long have I been running? My small hands shove people out of the way the best I can but I'm mostly just twisting and turning through the crowds. Still, I can almost feel his hands still on me. Reaching towards me, grabbing my shirt, pulling me back into his bruising hands. Suddenly, I run straight in...

  • Chosen // loki laufeyson
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    As Lienna came of age for marriage, so did the princes she had long forgotten about. And then, in the dark of night, guards and nobles came to take her away. Lienna couldn't believe it. She was Chosen.

  • Safe Haven | B. Barnes
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    (Post CW) Bucky Barnes never dared to dream that he could be loved again, especially after what he did for the last near century. Angeline Ramsey was painstakingly quiet and guarded for a girl her age. But that didn't stop her from dreaming of the perfect parents. A father that would love and cherish her, a mother tha...

  • Little Rose
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    Book #1 of the Rose series: Everly is a 4 almost 5 year old being raised by her older brothers. Not everything is all sunshine and rainbows but there are special moments that are cherished by all 5 of them. She may be the youngest and the only girl but she's treated like the princess she is. They may not be her moth...

  • Mafia Boss
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    ...COMPLETED NOVEL... "Give me your daughter. Now." Mr. Johnson said. "Or what?" My father replied. Mr. Johnson pulled out a gun and pointed it towards me. "Or she dies." I gulped. "Y-You can't do that! Give me more time!I'll get your money! I swear!" My father pleaded. He fell to his knees, begging for mercy...

  • Mafia's Little Girl✔
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    [COMPLETE] The rest of the story is posted on DREAME. ... ''I won't allow because nobody can have you.'' He says through greeted teeth. I just stare at him shocked. I don't dare to say anything right now. He shifted his gaze from my eyes to my lips and back to my eyes. He looks like he is thinking before smashing his...

  • Little Shelby Girl
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    This story is about the youngest member of the Shelby family, Vive. Together with her brothers she grows up under the smoke of Small Heath. Surrounded with danger and death, it's not easy being little. Luckily, Vive has her older brothers and especially Tommy, who fills in some kind of father role for her. During war...