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  • Demon Lord System - [Highschool DxD x Male Gamer x Anime]
    170 12 1

    To wake up in an abandoned building was not Kira's idea of a good morning, nor was being attacked by some mutated monster of a devil. In any case, awakening to a powerful system, Kira finds himself on a path to becoming the most powerful Demon Lord in all of time and space!

  • Solo Leveling
    85.2K 2.7K 26

    Issei, an average teenage boy who peeps on girls with his two friends. However, overtime he started to get bored with everything he has been doing. Endless peeping, getting beaten up, getting in trouble, and not being popular. He needed something else in his life, a fresh start. The next thing he knew, there was a scr...

  • Reaction to DxH verse
    91.4K 1.1K 26

    After event of Trihexa,the woman in Issei harem except Asia,Ravel,Rossweisse,Yasaka and Kuroka(Ophis not in harem because she see Issei as brother) decided to break up with Issei because they deem Issei to perverted to their taste and claim he doesn't care about their feelings (yeah right,of course he would be act a p...

  • Highschool DxD: Issei is Kamen Rider shinobi and other multiverse shenanigans
    20.1K 172 8

    After a stray devil hunt went wrong, Issei disappeared and no one knew where he was. Luckily for them though, someone was willing to show them what he was doing now.

  • Dragon May Cry
    67.2K 1.6K 24

    Issei Hyoudou, a simple bookworm lived happily alone with his mother in their new home, Kuoh. However when Issei is transferred to his new school, he is suddenly pulled in the shenanigans of the supernatural world. See the adventures of our protagonist. This is the official rewrite of crimson crescent dragon.

  • The god of gamer and God of dragon slayer (high school dxd)
    34K 220 7

    I decided to make Kirito and Y/n the main character, why...because It was the only way I can write the entire story but don't worry it won't be all about kirito

  • Sacred Gear: Heavenly Crown
    97.6K 1.5K 31

    (Issei X Heavenly Harem) The first inheritor of the Sacred Gear: Heavenly Crown, Issei Hyoudou. When the God from the Bible disappeared during the battle against the Heavenly Dragons, it wasn't due to his death, but because he sealed himself away. No one had ever awakened the Heavenly ruler until Issei, so, the questi...

  • Promised Victory from the Ends of the World (Fate x Highschool DxD)
    75.2K 1.5K 22

    A new threat from another universe. A Holy Grail War like no other. Servants with access to more abilities, as allowed by the World. What will become of this new world? What will be the result of this new war, with a threat so dangerous that not even the Moon Cell is sure of victory?

  • Rimuru in DxD [Book 2]
    56.4K 2.1K 16

    After finally escaping the world of Akame Ga Kill Rimuru ends up in a world with much more powerful beings than he previously was in, after his last evolution Rimuru will be able to free Veldora The Storm Dragon. How will Rimuru and Veldora fair in this new world with much more magic and many more powerful beings? Th...

  • Wrought Iron Devil (Highschool DxD x Male Reader)
    489K 10.2K 52

    (Y/n) was never considered a normal person. That is to say, he stuck out more than most. A foreign student, yet more than willing to help others out voluntarily. Polite, yet no hesitation to speak his mind. A guy that loved gaming and anime, yet also a promising swordsman and unexpectedly exceptional with a bow IRL. N...

    Completed   Mature
  • Empire of Chaos (Male Reader x Akame Ga Kill x High School DxD) Volume 6
    15.7K 171 14

    It has been five years since (F/N) Gusion entered his dimensional pocket. Now he has returned with a mission to retrieve a "The Book of Solomon" from the treasury in an empire in his world. This volume explores (F/N) struggle in the empire as he restrains from using his devil power to hide from the Khaos Union he bel...

  • How to Summon a Devil (HNTSADL x High School DxD x Male Reader) Volume 5
    10.2K 172 14

    After the mysterious summoning at the end of Volume 4 (F/N) now finds himself in the world of How not to Summon a Demon Lord with no explanation of what is going on. This volume follows the anime of How not to Summon a Demon Lord fairly closely with (F/N) inserted as a character. This is volume 5 of the series I have...

    Completed   Mature
  • Battle to Recover (Male Reader x High School DxD x Fate Series) Volume 4
    17.6K 195 13

    This is volume four of the series I have been writing. This volume begins the story of what happened to (F/N) after he disappeared into his pocket dimension. This volume loosely follows the story of Fate/ Stay Night (Unlimited Blade Works) This is the first of three cross over volumes that cover the five years from w...

  • The War of the Underworld (Male Reader x High School DxD) Volume 3
    2.4K 52 14

    (F/N) Gusion along with his peerage and the Gremory family find themselves in a forest in hiding after the fall of the Underworld. They begin making plans as the newly formed Khaos Union grows in strength taking over the whole human world. This is the story of the devils struggle to reclaim their homeland. This is boo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shattering Alliance (High School DxD x Male Reader) Volume 2
    4.4K 98 14

    This is volume 2 of the story of (F/N) (L/N). See "Birth of a Hero" for volume 1. In this story we see the new life of (F/N) after having been reincarnated as a devil. As the war with the Khaos Brigade begins to intensify (F/N) beings to grow more used to this new world he as been thrust into. I do not only High Schoo...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Birth of a Hero (High School DxD x Male Reader) Volume 1
    21.7K 294 14

    This is the story of (F/N) (L/N). He begins his life as an ordinary human, but things quickly change when he gets kidnapped by some devils. His life changes even more when he is reunited with his childhood friends and moves in with Rias and her peerage. Find out more about his story has he enters this new world of the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Issei ¿Heroe o mago?
    9.4K 413 7

    Issei Hyodou a estado tendiendo sueños donde aparece un hombre con espadas en todo el cuerpo el se pregunta el porque de esos sueños... pero las respuestas las tendrá después de revivir como demonio y despertar al dragon sellado dentro de el. FATE Y DXD NO ME PERTENECEN

  • Issei the Undecimo (Katekyo Hitman Reborn X DxD)
    99.2K 1K 20

    Issei after the defeat of Trihexa he had a decent life for a while till his friend chose to just ignore him even the faction themselves Issei at one point saw his harem dating behind his back breaking his heart worst he even question himself why he was born but soon that answer were soon to be answered. Issei #1 Dec 1...

  • The Journey of Chaos (Highschool DxD x OP OC)
    220K 2.5K 23

    Meet Chaos Glasya-Labolas, heir to the Glasya-Labolas Devil Pillar. Dubbed the "Void Prince", he is the most powerful devil when it comes to magic, knowing every spell and capable of copying and wielding powers from other households. As such, his powers rival that of the Satans, surpassing that of his older brother, F...

  • High School dxd | Infinite Blade Dragon God | fanfic
    239K 2.6K 35

    Luke Smith is a 27 years police his rank is lieutenant, he achieved many medals about saving a child inside the burning truck, tracking some drug users, arresting some top criminals, stoping a bomb, saving people from the bank, all of this is luke's greatest achievements but luke's isn't just some police but he is als...

  • The True Gods (Highschool DxD Fanfic and Multiverse Fanfic)
    363K 4K 42

    Great Red and Ophis are known as the strongest of the strong, but what if I were to tell you that there are those that surpass even them? In fact, there are many that surpass them in strength, but the ones I'm talking about are those that manipulate space and time. Dragons that no one had ever heard of, except for Gre...

  • Overpowered Devil in DXD
    119K 1.9K 14

    Mc gets reincarnated in DXD during the civil war , he is OP as heck but does he care about Devils or any other races ? what he cares about is his only family and his ideals . Powers - 1) Blood manipulation 2) Highest talents for everything 3)Semi-immortality( Infinite life span but can die if someone tries to kill hi...

  • The Supernatural Gamer [Highschool DxD x OP Male Reader]
    247K 3.6K 21

    Y/n Kagehara just normal teenager that like to read manga, light novel and play video game. One day, he end up dead. How he end up dead? Blame the Truck-kun. He then being send to the void. the next thing that happen is... *Ding* [Would you like to be reincarnated?] [Y/N] Y/n then push the [Y] button and with him is O...

  • issei hyoudou the gaming wizard
    198K 2.8K 38

    issei is a normal teenager well if an extremely perverted person is normal than he is normal. anyway he just his everyday 'stuff' when one night a robber come into his house. that night he gain something that will change his perspective in life. I dont own highschool dxd or rwby or any anine or show this book might ha...

  • Issei the Player [Discontinued]
    810K 14.8K 51

    Issei was going through his day. Normal, nothing but normal until he was given an opportunity to date someone that he found cute. This caught him by surprise, in the date he made sure to act as normal as he could without showing any perversion. That resulted in a hole in his chest. Issei Hyoudou had died, but Issei th...

  • The Heavenly Brothers - REVAMP
    509 10 3

    Gasper got taken away by the Khaos Brigade and was used to stop time. While they were going to use him again they triggered something in him and reverted time. It didn't took much time for Issei and Vali, the Heavenly Brothers, to realize what happened and when they did they were mad. I mean like really really mad. Al...

  • UCHIHA IN KUOH | Highschool DxD x Male OC
    41.7K 465 11

    It's the story of a young Uchiha rising from the bottom to become one of the strongest warriors along the devils. Watch him and his pet-wolf Kuro take on all kinds of problems, from a spoiled brat named Rias, to finding the person who massacred his whole clan, to standing in between two during a possible civil war.

  • A Beater Become The Black Swordsman
    243K 2.2K 29

    Y/n was dating rias, Akeno,Asia, koneko then tragedy struck when they murdered him In cold blood then kazuto was about to die when a mystery figure period in front of him and unlocked his power for him Now kazuto at one objective on his mind that is revenge

  • Son of the dragon gods
    103K 1.5K 44

    By: mairsarmy321 Since the dawn of time, Ophis and Great-red have been at odds with one another. But, what happens when through an inexplicable twist of fate, a new being was born through their conflict. Follow Issei, the third dragon-god, on his journey as the world will not be the same again. Characters are most li...