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  • The Big Four
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    (STILL EDITING) After a long long time, the darkness has been risen by Pitch Black, the Boogeyman and the leader of darkness who came and brought terror and horror to the people in the world. It made the people's belief and Guardian will vanish. The Guardians were starting to fall and slowly fading away as the people...

  • We Are Demigods
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    One-Shots involving the Big Four[and sometimes the Frozen characters] as Demi-Gods. Ships-Mericcup ; Jackpunzel ; Hiccstrid *AU by us* *Title due to change. Suggestions for shorts and a new title are welcomed*

  • The Strands of Fate (Jackunzel and Merricup)
    1.6K 35 4

    The peaceful kingdom of Corona is now being threatened by a mysterious dark force. It is now up to a band of unlikely heroes to team up and subdue the evil once again. Jack,a free-spirited boy who loves to have fun and hates responsibilities; Hiccup, a dragon tamer who lacks confidence; Rapunzel, a girl who has been l...

  • Red Robin in the Dark
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    When the darkness rules the day And the city has burnt away The red feather, the white snow and the blacksmith only know the only way to get back the sun, ...

  • rise of the guardians of seasons (merricup and jackunzel fanfic)
    15.5K 258 14

    Eh.. I suck at descriptions and might spoil you the story. This is a crossover of rise of the guardians, How to train your dragon,brave, and tangled Anyways, Enjoy!!! ^.^ I do not own any of the movies i just said there this is just a fan fiction. (WARNING!: SLOW UPDATES :(((()

  • The Big Four...or Seven?! (on hold)
    6.2K 142 13

    Merida just wanted to be understood. Hiccup just wanted to be taken seriously. Rapunzel just wanted her freedom. Jack just wanted to be believed in. Anna just wanted her sister back. Sam didn't really know what he was looking for, he just knew he was done. Illeya just wanted the family she never had. They all ha...

  • Rise of the brave tangled dragons
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    Man in the moon has called upon these four young heroes to stop Pitch from ruling over with his new army of nightmares. But now there's another threat. Read along as Jack, Rapunzel, Merida and Hiccup go on a journey of a lifetime. (I do not own anything. This is just a fanfic and I am adding Jackunzel and Merricup.)

  • The Big Four (Revenge of the past)
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    OK this story is gonna be under construction since imma fix this all XD I wrote this when I was in highschool but I'm gonna change things around here XD I'm gonna fix the whole story since the old me is a little bad in english. So care to wait? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A story of 4 brav...

  • Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons~Something Different
    10.8K 319 14

    Hiccup, Merida, Rapunzel, and Jack are completely different people from completely different worlds. For most of there lives they all seemed to work alone. But after the world is at stake... maybe it's time for something different.

  • Fate (Merricup)
    33.4K 1K 18

    The story starts in Burgess, a kingdom in which Pitch Black is known as the Nightmare King and reigns. Jack Frost lives with his sister and Rapunzel, a girl he found and rescued from a witch. Jack is a powerful ice Mage, and Pitch wants to use it to his advantage. DunBroch. Ruled by King Fergus and Queen Elinor, one o...