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  • The Hunger Games
    2.6M 38.6K 18

    What would have happened if Katniss didn't take Prim's spot in The Hunger Games? Would anything be any different? Would a new story unfold? This is my version. *WARNING: Things have been changed. Don't say I didn't warn you.*

  • Hunger Games- Rue's Point of View
    52.4K 1.4K 6

    In the city of Panem, there are twelve districts. Each year one girl and one boy from each district are drawn to play in a game. Specifically, the Hunger Games. Twenty four enter the arena, but only one comes out. In the poor district known as District Eleven, a young twelve year old girl enters in her first reaping...

  • Rue: The Real Mockingjay [ON HOLD]
    49.5K 1.1K 21

    Rue is the tiny twelve-year-old girl tribute from District 11. Nobody expects her to win the 74th Hunger Games and become the rebellion's symbol. Now she has to represent District 13 in all of it's madness and promos against the Capitol. Will Rue be able to play the hardest Game of all?

  • How to Tame Wild Dragons (How to Train Your Dragon Fan Fiction)
    101K 3.4K 12

    Life in Berk has changed dramatically since the dragons moved in, but things are not as peaceful as they might appear. With fires, food shortages and dragon dung all over the village, it is up to Hiccup and his friends to bring the wild dragons under their control. They have until Thor's feast to complete their missi...

  • Fifth Harmony Adopted Me
    1.3M 31.1K 67

    Kelsey Harrins was a 10 year old girl who lived in an orphanage her whole life. She had always believed that she was never gonna get adopted. But that was until five girls showed up, and changed everything.