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  • Hell Above; Lashton
    364K 12.6K 55

    Ashton, the nerd. Also known as faggot, gay, stupid, fatass you name it. He thinks he's worthless. And he knows he is. He's constantly getting bullied. He has scars everywhere. And they keep getting worse. Until one day, a jock named Luke Hemmings saves his life. But will Ashton accept his friendship? WARNING: M...

    Completed   Mature
  • In 140 Characters // Lashton
    63.1K 3.6K 86

    In which Luke puts his soul into his tweets to a sick Ashton.

  • Unhappy ~ Lashton Hemwin - Book One ✔
    293K 18K 39

    Ashton Irwin; 15 years old, depressed, has social anxiety, quiet, alone, broken, Unhappy. Luke Hemmings; 17 years old, outgoing, popular, punk, funny, but Unhappy.

  • Lashton One Shots
    1.9M 36.4K 147

    (#1 IN #VOODOODOLL 2K18) Contains baby 5sos, cliffhangers, mystery, pirates, blackmail, fluff, lemons, tons of Lashton and very few spelling mistakes.

    Completed   Mature
  • 99 days without you >> lashton AU
    123K 8.8K 75

    ❝Ash, Im confused, I thought we were happy. I thought we were doing okay. I thought we went through that…but I was wrong. I was so wrong.❞ Where Luke hemmings writes to his dead boyfriend, hoping he'd write back. All rights reserved || © YayerNayer 2014 ((WARNING ALOT OF BAD TYPOS AND SPELLING MISTAKES, PLEASE IGNORE...

  • A Little Too Far to the Right // l.h + a.i
    2.9K 160 5

    It started with a simple game on a radio show; a game that led to an accidental kiss. Now neither Luke Hemmings nor Ashton Irwin can forget about it.

  • fade ; afi+lrh
    558K 29.7K 71

    "what fades must come back." >> this book was written before the song 'if you don't know' was released, but seems to be closely related. disclaimer: i wrote this in 2014. it's really bad. also the picture used in the cover was created by me and reposted onto other social medias by fans i gave permission to.

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